Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Allison's Baby Shower

After 6 of us asked Allison if we could throw her a baby shower, we got the genius idea to pool our resources and host it together! Allison is a very popular and loved girl so this baby shower was a pretty hefty undertaking...but so worth it. Sara and I were in charge of the food; Elyse and McKenna handled the decorations, while Sarah and Jenni handled the invitations and party games. It might have been the cutest shower I've ever been to and I can take no credit for that, well maybe some. Allison is a great friend and concert buddy and I'm so excited to meet baby Meyer!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Andrea's Wedding

Dear sweet little Andrea got married to Mr. Gaumer. It was a beautiful December day (it was a beautiful LONG December day) and I had the privilege of standing up next to my wonderful friend. It was touch and go for a while on whether our bridesmaid dresses would make it in time for the wedding but thankfully, 3 days before the big day, they arrived! Here are a few pictures from the fun day where, yet again, Kate Altmaier and I dominated another dance floor!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Brosef

It's the wankster's birthday (wankster = white gangster for those of you who didn't know). The big 27. Gosh, I remember when I was 27. So young and full of life and filled with so much hope and dreams... I think I actually hated it. Anyways, enough about me. Here's to your 27th year of life. Now give me a niece or nephew already!
Happy Birthday little brother. I love you. btw.. thanks for not inviting me to the Masters this year.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cindy's Wedding

I have known Cindy since our days in preschool. Through elementary school, we weren't exactly friends. You see, Cindy has some incredible guns (I'm talking arm muscles here people) and is SUPER talented at pretty much every sport (maybe I could meet her in golf or diving?!?) All of the boys always picked her to play with them during recess and my friend Andrea and I weren't always so lucky and we were jealous. I don't really remember the exact moment when we actually became friends but it feels like we have been friends forever. Cindy is one of those people, when they start laughing, it will eventually turn in to sobs. We spent many days laughing until we couldn't breathe, bonding over our love for N'Sync, playing sports together, getting in trouble with our youth group shenanigans, traveling the world together, and sharing so many secrets and giggles. Cindy's friendship is something that I hold dear to my heart and it is one that I know will last until the end. John is one lucky man to have found Cindy. I'm so excited for their new family and journey ahead. Here are some pictures from their wonderful wedding day.