Friday, July 13, 2012

Colorado Day 4

Breakfast burritos! They are seriously SO GOOD. I’d like to start this post off by saying that I woke up to the sweet smell of breakfast burritos but that is unfortunately not the case. The elusive Ryan Way apparently doesn’t sleep in. Since Sara and I decided to continue the slumber party and sleep on the couches, when Ryan woke up and decided to walk through the kitchen, that means that we woke up. Just your average morning with Ryan making coffee… cleaning the kitchen… playing tunes… singing to himself.. (okay, that last part wasn’t true but we were hoping that he would start singing) and at 6 am, we were awake.
The girls from the other bstud got up around 7 to start making the burritos and pretty soon everyone was up and moving about the house. A few of us read out on the deck overlooking the mountains one last time and a lot of people reluctantly packed up their vehicles. Around 10 am we waved goodbye to our home away from home and hit the road heading east. More singing, dancing, mad libs, chatting, laughing, and more singing brought us back to Des Moines around 945. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, one that I will never forget.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colorado Day 3: Part 2

I got back to the Silverthorne pad around 830 am and immediately tucked myself into my bed and didn’t wake up until around noon. Most people were starting to mill around the house at this point and we all kind of congregated in one of the living rooms and watched Top Gun followed by The Book of Eli. Around 3 a few of us went to Breckenridge for the afternoon. It was Kingdom Days (I think) so there were a lot of people out and about. We took the gondola to the top around lift 8. There were so many people at the top playing putt-putt, eating dinner, enjoying the scenery, etc. Jenni, Jessica, Brandon, and I tested our need for speed on the Alpine Super Slide! It was super fun and I wish we could have tried it again… but for $16 a ride, one time was plenty. We took the gondola back down and walked around downtown Breckenridge. The weather was beautiful and all of the shops were open. I bought myself a tank top (hooray) and a few others picked up some goodies.
Back at the house, Kate and Andy prepared a feast for all of us… burgers, baked potatoes, peas, corn, ice cream sundaes… YUM. The skydiving crew arrived safely home (I forgot to mention that Nick and Elyse jumped out of a plane!! Crazy) and we all had dinner together. Once everyone started to go to sleep, the girls congregated in the living room for a slumber party. We watched Center Stage (naturally) and giggled at the wonderful dialogue. At one point, 3 moths decided to make their home on the TV screen so Kate was brave and scooped them up in her hand and threw them out the door. Gigglefest 3000 ensued. Bed clothes anyone? What a great end to the day.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Colorado Day 3: Part 1

1 am wake up call. Remember the previous post when I said we took it easy the rest of the night to prepare for our hike… well I don’t think anyone got enough sleep but we were all ready to go! Bierstadt is a pretty popular 14er to climb located in the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Clear Creek County. By about 230 am, we reached our destination by car and began our hike… in the dark. We all were equipped with headlamps, warm layers, and sustenance. Since none of us had ever climbed this mountain, and it was pitch black, we couldn’t see what awaited us up ahead. We just put 1 foot in front of the other and started making our way up. We made a few stops along the way to catch our breath and stretch our legs. When you’re from the flatlands, you really have no idea what the altitude will do to you. We continued upward, some people puked, we lost a few people along the way (not literally lost them but they just turned around and decided to go back down) and eventually the sun started to rise. At this point, we were pretty close to the top. My legs were shot, it was winter up there, and I really couldn’t breathe very well. Our bstud group pretty much stayed together the entire climb. We took some pictures together and then decided we should begin the long haul back down the mountain. A few people continued on to the very tip top and eventually made it. It was funny to see some of Kate’s friends, who live in Colorado, join us for the hike. They flew past us and I’m convinced they were at the top of the mountain before we were even half way.
By the time Jenni and I made it down, it was about 7 am and the sun was shining. We passed about 100 people beginning their hike as we were descending, some in shorts, and I thought they were crazy because it was freezing up there… but I’m from the flatlands so what do I know. When you reach the bottom and turn around to see what you just hiked, it is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I could not believe I had just hiked as far and as high as I did. It was pitch black so you had no idea how far you had actually gone because you were just taking one step at a time until you turned around and looked back up the mountain (there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere… queue Miley Cyrus’s The Climb). It really is true though, you make your way through this life and get so caught up in the trials of today that you forget to look back and see what the Lord has brought you through and what He has blessed you with. Climbing Bierstadt was one of the greatest experiences and I’m so thankful I got to experience it with some of my best friends.