Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorado Day 1 & 2

We hit the road Thursday night with our snacks, mixed cds, and great attitudes in tow. Kate, Jenni, Sara, Jessica, and I packed ourselves tightly into Terri (Kate’s car) and headed west towards the Rocky Mountains. We quickly ran into some interesting weather patterns and I’m pretty sure tornadoes were happening all around us. The lightning show was pretty incredible. We all were in awe. It actually made the trip across the state of Kansas somewhat bearable. Kate did an excellent job driving us through the storm and safely to Sterling where we would meet up with the rest of the caravan and stay for the night. As previously mentioned, I brought along some mixed cds circa 2002-2005. Yeah, it was a party in the car the entire way. I have many videos of Kate’s infamous “key change.” (just ask her about it) After a short night’s rest in Sterling, we loaded back up again, waved to the correctional facility next door, and headed west towards Idaho Springs. We dined at Beau Jo’s pizza (yum) and then had a little extra time to explore the cute little town. Once we had our fill of the sights and sounds of Idaho Springs (it really is a cute little miners town) we were on our way down the road to our rafting destination. My crew: Kate, Ed, Sara, Jessica and Jenni, were teamed up with Justin, our fearless guide. He was legit. I probably put my paddle in the water a total of 10 times the entire rafting trip because he was just steering us down the river. The water was low so that helped but still, he was an awesome guide. Kate was able to share the gospel with him and he was pretty open to talking about it so that was cool. I kept asking him if he was the best guide since he got to go first down the river. He kept saying he would tell me after (he was superstitious) and we soon found out why he was the best. As we were coming up on the last rapid, Justin told us that about 1/3 of the boats that go over this rapid will flip. He prepared us for what to do but still, I was nervous. I’ve been rafting before and seen people flip out of the boat right in front of me and I did not want that to be me. SO, we hit the last rapid, bounced around a little, tipped sideways but we all stayed in and made it to the bottom. He steered us to the side, we cheered, and then waited for all the rest of the rafts to come through. 1 by 1 each raft came through the rapids and each boat tipped spilling people into the water. Our boat became the rescue boat and we found ourselves hauling a bunch of our friends into our boat. I was laughing so hard watching everyone’s faces as they came down the rapid. At one point Andy fell out of the boat and his guide, Josh, in one swift motion reached behind him into the water and literally hauled Andy out with one hand/one motion. It was incredible. I still laugh re-imagining what happened. Rafting was really fun and everyone made it back safely. Our house that we stayed in, located in the hills of Silverthorne, was GIANT. 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a game room, hot tub, 2 living rooms and 2 kitchens… Swanky. We also had 2 foxes visit us. Scavengers! Prior to the trip, Kate (wonderful Big Kat) planned our meals for us so we unpacked our stuff and then headed to the grocery store to buy enough groceries to feed 30 people for 3 days. I looked like I was a part of that couponing show… One of the rafting guides, Josh, joined us for dinner so that was really fun too. We all took it easy the rest of the evening… to prepare ourselves for the impending hike of the 14er…

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Arts in the Village

We ended the week with Arts in the Village. Many local artists had their work displayed and there was even a live "spray-painting." Jessa Anderson also performed which was great. What a fun way to end Mission to the City!

Friday, June 08, 2012

M2TC 2012

Here are some pictures of Mission to the City Week. We mastered the car wash and by the end of the week, we could wash a car in 3.5 minutes. :) We also did a little baking for Joppa as well as the Arts in the Village.
This is what happens at the end of a long week...