Tuesday, June 28, 2011


its such a passively demanding word. it still leaves hope but doesn't give you any "real" answer that you are looking for

its a call to action that requires more obedience and patience than any other that I can imagine. it tests my faith more than anything

it hangs in the air like a hovering rain cloud promising to bring either a mighty storm or a beautiful rainbow. and with it comes whatever awaits beyond the horizon

it brings change yet requires you to seek wisdom on what that should look like. to go forth with a humble heart trusting in the Lord's plan.

it requires you to be still before God and really truly hear what He is saying.

it means that you must trust that the WORD is truth, that God is for us, and not against us.

it proves that God loves me, he delights in me, and He knows me better than I know myself.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Grandpas are special people. I think its because they really love you with no rules. Grandmas still have that maternal side where some law has to be laid down but Grandpas, they're the ones who really encourage you to take a flying leap into life. They're the ones who slip you a $5 bill when your parents aren't watching or sneak an extra cookie for you before dinner. Grandpas can be tough on love sometimes when you are testing their patience... but, you also know they love you more than anything. They're the first ones to come with open arms when you fall. My Grandpas love to tell stories and I could sit for hours listening to them. I'm lucky to have had a grandpa who was a fire chief for over 20 years and a grandpa who was a prisoner of war in Germany. I think it says a lot about who they were and what they sacrificed for people. My grandpas also loved Jesus above everything. There's no doubt in my mind that my grandpas are my biggest fans. My grandpas are special people.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A hilarious moment I witnessed

One night, while hanging out at the Keegan residence, the guys were all giggly because they had just discovered HeyTell. They were in a rare mood, that's for sure. Before the night was over, (and this has nothing to do with HeyTell, I just needed a reason to post that picture of Ryan) a few of the guys got this wonderful idea to pose as a picture from a picture. Here is the result.

Welcome to awkward family photos.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aaron Gillespie concert

(i know these are out of order... Mr. Ryan Kendall Way... my apologies)

Mission to the City was capped off this year with an Aaron Gillespie downtown right outside of The Downtown Church. Aaron Gillespie is the former drummer of Underoath so the overall vibe of the concert was a little different than last years show with Phil Wickham. The weather turned out to be awesome and the night was really fun. Thanks to Ryan Way and his water passing out skills, no one went thirsty.

Here's some pictures from the concert.

The DTC band opened the show

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Something happens when I go to concerts with my favorite bands... I instantly turn into a screaming 13 year old girl! Parachute finally came back to town after what seemed to be too long of a wait. Their new cd The Way It Was is out so they're touring this summer promoting it and I'm so thankful they stopped in Des Moines. We got there early enough to snag some pretty stellar spots (right in the front) and readied ourselves for some awesomeness. Damato opened the show. We decided he's a mix between Bruno Mars and Gavin DeGraw and we were pretty impressed. Then came Hugo. Super Creepy! They sounded really good but Hugo himself was, well, real awkward so it made it hard to even look at the stage. By that time, we were ready for Parachute anyways.
Will, Johnny, Alex, Kit, and Nate took the stage! Vaudeville is a pretty small venue so you're literally standing right next to them as they sing. I got a high five from Will right away to start off the show! From where we were standing, sweat was easily flung in our direction. At one point, Will (lead singer) threw a pick into the crowd and as I'm searching for it on the ground, Will decides to jump into the crowd. Literally, as I look up, he's standing directly in front of me with his face less than a foot from my face and all I could think to do was scream. Ha. It was really hilarious because Jenni and Allison were trying to get my attention while I'm scouring the ground to find the pick and here he is waiting for me to stand up and then, he's right there! It was so awesome (and hilarious). Everybody crowded in close and sang along and we got some pretty hilarious pictures with him jumping up and down. Throughout the show he threw 3 other picks into the crowd and yep, I got em all. I had like eagle eyes for those things. They sang a bunch of songs from their new record as well as a few from their first cd. They also did a rendition of the Scissor Sisters "Take Your Mama" and Tom Petty "Won't Back Down."

At the end of the concert, they ended up coming out for an encore. Will came out first and played a couple songs before the rest of the guys joined him. (Will got caught in the microphone cord and ended up having to have Kit untangled his shoe which was pretty funny). At this point, people were going crazy jumping around and singing along so Will jumped back out into the crowd. Allison, Jenni, and I were laughing hysterically and having so much fun. It was a great night with wonderful friends and great music. I cannot wait until the next show! There's a handful of bands/singers that I REALLY love and they are at the top of that list!

Us with Will

Johnny (drummer) and us

Nate (lead guitar) and one of their road crew guys

Alex (bass) and Kit (saxophone and keys) with us

3 of the 4 picks I caught!