Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jane Eyre

Creepy. The entire movie is dark, mysterious and creepy. I've never read the book by Charlotte Bronte but I knew a little bit about the story. When the movie was over, I think we were thankful that we didn't live in England during the 1800's. You would be fighting depression every day! I love the way this movie was filmed and how it captured the characters. The way people used to speak back then is fascinating to me. Everything from the clothes they wore, how they did their hair, to the activities and games they played all seem so foreign to this world. Its amazing to watch a movie that seems so simple, following the life of a girl who has always been alone, yet the complexity of her character slowly unravels as the movie continues. A "vampire" even makes an appearance! Overall, I liked this movie. I think I'm going to read the book.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

It is finally here!!!! Hooray!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Masters

When sitting down to write about the Masters, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. It was really amazing and the day was practically perfect yet I find myself confused because I’m talking about golf. I have given my dad crap year after year for the amount of golf he plays and watches and here I am, at golf’s biggest event, acting like a fangirl and utterly giddy at the sight of the golfers. I guess, deep down in my little soul, I like golf. J I’ve grown up around it so I know the game, I know the big dogs in the golf world, I know what winning the Masters means, so with that, I guess I realized why my dad loves it. It is exciting. Before I get too carried away here, I’m not about to set my DVR to record every PGA event, but I will say that I had one of the best times and it was a great day.

We woke up early, real early, and headed towards Augusta. The morning was cool so I had a jacket with me that I would later regret. We parked and entered through the entrance at Hole 9. The closer you get to the course, the greener and more lush the foliage becomes. Driving up to the course, there is no way you would know that a golf course existed where it did. As you walk down the path, the fairways and greens peak through the trees until, well, its right in front of you and you realize “I’m at the Masters.” To quote my dad, everything on the course is immaculate! Its pretty incredible to see. As we were walking further up the course, we spotted a crowd of people and wandered over to see who was coming. Sure enough, 2010 Champion Phil Mickelson was coming our way so we stopped to watch and snap a few pictures. Dad lead us around the course and eventually up to the clubhouse to meet some of his friends. It was fairly soon after that we heard that Tiger was as the putting greens and about to head out on the course. We decided to make our way towards Amen Corner and then eventually to hole 16 to watch most of the players come through.

My brother and I stood at the 16th Tee practically an arms length from the players. At one point my brother leaned over and said to me “if I was teeing off here, I would kill everyone standing along here.” I don’t know how golfers do it but they have to be so concentrated to hit the ball as well as they do with that many people practically breathing down their necks and their eagle eyes watching every move they make. I think we picked the best hole to watch. Mom and Dad opted for bleacher seats so they could watch the green on hole 15 as well as all of 16 (I guess you don’t realize when watching it on TV that you really only get to see a tiny bit of the actual game depending on where you sit). I’m not as familiar with all of the golfers as my brother so he would tell me “take a picture of him, he’s really good,” or “eh” was the response I got when I asked who certain people were. Hole 16 requires the players to hit the ball over water onto the green. Its tradition that when they hit their tee shot, everyone yells skip! The players walk to the end of the tee box and hit another ball, skipping it across the water. It gets pretty competitive and its really funny to watch. I got to see everyone that knew and lots of people I’d never heard of. I quickly decided who I was a fan of (sometimes based on their outfits!) Jon pointed out Ricky Fowler to which I replied ‘is he like the Justin Bieber of golf?!” haha.

One of the best things about the Masters are the food prices. They still serve the same menu and everything costs the same as it did way back in the day. $2.50 for a chicken sandwich, $1.00 for soda or chips… yahtzee!

My favorite thing we got to see was the par 3 tournament. Most of the player’s families and kids caddied for them and it was really fun to watch. We sat at hole 3, again, the perfect location, to watch all the action. Before you knew it, a pack of kids would come running down the hill in front of you, pick up a ball, turn around and say “here’s your ball daddy.” It was very sweet and funny. There was also a lot of rolling down hills and disappointment when one of the kids didn’t get to putt the ball. Again, with where we were sitting, all of the players walked right in front of us to get to the next hole so I snapped a ton of pictures. At one point, Zach Johnson was walking by so I was trying to get a good picture. After they had passed and my Dad came over to where we were, he asked if I saw who Zach’s caddy was. I said no, to which he replied that it was Andy Roddick. I couldn’t believe I missed him literally standing right next to me. The Par 3 is such a fun tournament to watch because its so relaxed and the players seem to really be having a good time.

The weather had pretty much turned to summer heat and as I stated above, I regretted my outfit. I got some interesting tan lines from my skinny jeans, Toms, and tank top, and by the end of the day we were pretty exhausted so we decided to head back towards the club house. Thankfully, Andy and Zach had not gone in the clubhouse yet so I was able to get some pictures. We took a few final pictures before reluctantly leaving.

The day was truly epic. Watching some of the greatest golfers play on the course that every golfer strives to get to was truly remarkable. The Masters was such a great memory to experience.


Andy Roddick and Zach Johnson

Phil and Ricky "the Justin Bieber of golf" Fowler

Monday, April 25, 2011

Water for Elephants

Of course I'm going to see this movie. My dad claims that I only wanted to see it because of Rob Pattinson (and while that is indeed true, it's not the only truth). I read the book a couple of years ago and really liked it so I was happy to hear they were making it into a movie. I was, as you can imagine, even happier that Rob was cast as the lead. We went to see the movie opening night at about 10 pm and that probably wasn't the smartest thing. Its not the most exciting movie so I found myself a little tired. I kept waiting for the action to begin and it never really did until the last 5 minutes of the movie. On a positive note, everything in the movie is really REALLY pretty. The people, the costumes, the set, the scenery, it was all visually really stunning. The circus is a funny thing to me and you get to experience a little bit of what life was like back then. I remember my grandparents taking us to the circus when we were little. I got lost, it was terrifying. Do they even have circuses anymore? I guess I equate the circus life back then with those that travel with carnivals to state fairs and such now a days.
Anyways, I'd recommend reading the book before watching the movie. You always get more details reading a book vs. a movie. Nonetheless, I was really happy with the movie, Rob Pattinson did great, and the elephant in the movie stole the show!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

I'm on my way....

To The Masters! Being the golfing family that we are, I guess the ultimate way to celebrate one's love for golf (my father's) is to go to the biggest golfing event in the world. We're making pit-stops along the way in Nashville and Birmingham so my younger brother and Dad can golf (mom and I will choose to shop). Unfortunately the whole family wasn't able to come along on the trip but it'll be a fun time regardless. The Masters, here we come!