Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Rollerskating

I'm not Irish (but I'm excited to go to Ireland) so celebrating St. Patrick's Day isn't high on my list. Mostly because it's just an excuse for people to think they can get wasted and drink green beer. That's not my idea of fun. What IS my idea of fun are green costumes and roller skating! This year, in celebration of Mr. Green Holiday that all people believe they are Irish so they go crazy and look like fools Day, we went roller skating at Skate West. It was a blast. The guy running the place really loved our group and kept giving us shout outs on the microphone. Many people won prizes for their awesome skate/dance moves! Thankfully, no broken bones and only a few broken egos (from those who smashed into the floor while trying to be a superstar on skates). It was such a fun night. One thing I learned: I need to get myself some skates with light up wheels!

Limbo participants



Jenni enjoying her FREE snow cone for winning the YMCA dance

The guys showing off their winnings from the YMCA dance contest

Kate and Elyse: synchronized speed skating

Blake, the ever cautious one

The sideline spectators

The Sideris' getting boogie on the skate floor

More speed skating. Elyse was a pro!

Hokey Pokey

You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around (check out the kid in the bottom right)


Check out Scott's mad skills

Jon A. just skating in style

The Meyers and their leisurely pace around the rink

Nick, doing his thing out on the rink

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Twilight remix? It sure seemed that way with the opening credits of the movie. Actually, Catherine Hardwicke (the director of Twilight) did this movie and it's filmed basically using the same camera. Also, Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan) is also in this movie so there's another Twilight reference. A fun fact is that Leonardo Dicaprio is listed as one of the producers of the film. Who knew?! Anyways, this movie wasn't really what I expected. I'm not sure what I actually expected but regardless, this movie was different. It wasn't as scary as I thought (or hoped) it was going to be and the story line was definitely different. I liked that they kept you guessing as to who the wolf was but if you really pay attention, you actually can figure it out fairly easily. Everybody knows I'm team vampire so a movie about a wolf, it was "eh" for me. I was entertained, sure, but the overall plot and characters weren't that exciting. I do like the idea of taking children's stories and making them into movies, I just wished this one was a little more developed though I'm happy they used some of the classic "Red Riding Hood" lines and used them in the movie. (also the red riding coat does look pretty great against the backdrop of this movie). I hear Snow White is being remade and the cast so far seems promising so that's something to look forward to I guess. On to the next...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upward Basketball

I had the privilege of coaching Upward Basketball this year with the one and only Miss Haley Janssen. Our team: Longhorns! (While I don't support anything Texas, this I will make an exception for). Our girls were in 5th and 6th grade and they were the greatest. Birdie, Caroline, Rory, Sarah, Jurnee, Didi, Kassie, and Sami did such a great job this season and we are so proud of them. They worked hard every practice and improved every game. Our last game of the season, playing with only 4 players, they won 64-18. Great job girls!!

Sarah is a superstar!

Didi: always the serious one.

Jurnee and Caroline taking a break

Friday, March 25, 2011

Annual Oscar Party

It has become the tradition that every year for the Oscars, I throw a big party to celebrate. With so many weddings that happen each year, I figured, why not have everyone dress up in an old bridesmaid or prom dress since most of us will never wear them again! This year we had a great turn out even though the Oscars were mediocre. Everyone came dressed in their best. Each person got their individual photo opportunity and then we all filled out our Oscar ballots. 3 different popcorn flavors and Ice Cream Sundaes (with all the toppings you can imagine) were served. Here are some pictures that I'm allowed to share from the event.

Jenni and Kelli: the same dress only different colors... and just as poofy!

Apparently our dresses were in support of Black Swan

Best Individual Portrait

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate's "Surprise" BDay Bash

Kate reminded us almost every day, months well in advance, that she wanted a surprise birthday party. How then, do you accomplish surprising someone when they are expecting a party for their birthday? Well, you throw a birthday party a week early! Shaly, Kelli, and Lisa planned the party with lots of Kate favorites: costumes, videos of Kate, more costumes, line dancing, good eats, and all the people who love Kate! It was such a fun night and I'm glad she felt celebrated!

Watching the video of Kate in all her glory

The Kate face fans

Lots and lots of line dancing

Birthday Cake

And then there was the photo booth