Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Throwback nights

A few of the girls in my bible study (lets refer to them as the dream team) and I have been getting together to play some old school board games. Our first night we decided to go with Twilight: Scene It. I guess I wouldn't really classify this as old school but by now, if you haven't heard of Twilight, you're either really old or live in a cave. I came out victorious with a Twilight victory. Our next game we decided on was NSYNC Backstage Pass. I'd like to mention that I got this game for Christmas in the year 2000. We played the game that day I got it and I lost, to my brother. I hadn't played the game since so I was very eager to break it out. While I consider my self a die-hard NSYNC fan, I unfortunately lost AGAIN to Kelli. Tears. (I like to think that I know SO much about them that its all just too much for me to handle).

Here's a picture of winner Kelli with her Backstage Pass

The night was closed out with a rousing game of Mall Madness. I begged and begged for this game and come Christmas 1989, I was the proud owner of Mall Madness. I remember that Christmas so well. It was the Trost Christmas and we always play a game before opening presents. That year, my grandparents decided to have a scavenger hunt around their house with the presents hid everywhere. My grandparents had a fairly large house so there were presents hid all over the place. I remember finding Mall Madness in the deep freezer in the basement! I was SO proud and excited. I can't remember who won though I think it was either myself or Jenni. Either way, it was a great night with great friends.

Kelli and Rianne enjoying Mall Madness

The following week we played Thirteen Dead End Drive (hopefully Jenni will post the pictures soon so I can steal them).
Next on the list of possible games:
Dream Phone
Girl Talk

We're open to suggestions.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deep Dish Pizza ... take 2

For Sunday Funday, Kelli and I usually like to try and make something fun and new for dinner. In the past, we've attempted to make deep dish pizza and it turned out more like a weird pizza casserole. However, this time, we were determined to make it turn out GOOD. We started with finding the right pan. Thanks to Kelli's creative thinking skills, we found a round pan at Hy-Vee that is normally used for cheesecake and decided to go with this. Then came the ingredients. For this pizza we went with black olives, mozza cheese, green peppers. and chicken. We made our own crust (and by made I mean from a bag.. we added water) and then got to work on constructing the pizza. Kelli had another brilliant idea with the cheese. Instead of getting shredded, we used sliced mozzarella cheese and layered the crust with it before adding the rest of the toppings and sauce. We popped that thing in the oven for about 33 minutes and walla, Masterpiece! I call attempt #2 a success.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sometimes, well a lot of times actually, I forget how truly awesome the Lord is. I take for granted the blessings He's given me, the constant grace that is extended, the mercy.... and I basically act like I don't care. My schedule gets so busy, my flesh is so selfish and wicked, my mind is not set on eternity and before I know it, I'm so far from the Lord. We serve a God who desires a personal relationship with each one of us. Do you know how special that is?! Today, I'm so thankful that the Lord knows me better than I know myself. I think back to all of the plans I've made over the years and it makes me laugh a little. If some of those "plans" had actually come to fruition, I'd be a lost cause right now. I'm learning patience, to wait on the Lord, to be still and KNOW that He is God! Things will come and go but the love of the Lord remains constant. He loves me no more or no less, His love is perfect. These words bring me to my knees:

Holy design
this place in time
that i might seek and find my God
my God

Lord i want to yearn for You
i want to burn with passion
over You and only You
Lord i want to yearn

Your joy is mine
yet why am i fine
with all my singing and bringing grain
in light of Him

oh You give life and breath
through Him You give all things
in Him we live and move
that's why i sing

Acts 17:25-28, Hebrews 12:28-29

I have a heart full of thanks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swanky Dinnerfest

Maybe it wasn’t so swanky but that’s what I’ve named it. It’s true that we have a lot of good cooks in the DTC and I like to take full advantage of that. Even though I’m typically leery of foods I’ve never had before, I still try to remain cautiously optimistic that I’ll like it. The other night, a bunch of friends got together to eat, chat, and laugh at one another. Kelli, Lisa, and Shaly graciously hosted and thankfully, they had a dinner table that was large enough to fit all of us. Eric made bruschetta which was perfect. Dinner followed and the menu consisted of salad made by Shaly, meatballs made by Lisa, garlic bread made by Kelli, and the pasta something or other made by Kate. All were tasty, but if I’m being honest, I could have stuck with the ice cream we had for dessert and been perfectly content.

Following dinner came an interesting round of the game Battle of the Sexes. Greg, Jeremy, and Eric vs. Kelli, Kate, Lisa, Shaly, and I. I don’t think I need to tell you who won or by how much because that would just be mean and boastful and I want to give the guys some dignity. They did have an interesting thought process when it came to guessing the answers to some of the questions. Kate spent most of the time crafting a friendship bracelet, Jeremy was occupied with his new farting app. on his phone, Shaly was knocking things over and Lisa was being all Jersey so it was quite an interesting game. A rematch will probably be in order. The best part of the night, however, was the Mad Libs. (and I’ll remember to take pictures next time)

**Thankfully, no girls were scared that night but Kelli did scare Greg in the hallway so that counts as a point for the ladies.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It amazes me how much power music has. It can stop me dead in my tracks and send my mind on a whirlwind. The other day, a song by Brooke Fraser came on my ipod and all I could do was stop, listen, and then pray. The words of the song are so sweet and I’ll admit, sometimes, I cry just listening to it. There’s a lot of things in this life that are not guaranteed. We’re going to be let down a lot, we’re going to hurt, people are going to disappoint us, we’re going to fail. I just love how this song reflects the way we are to live our lives… with our hope set in eternity with Christ. Through whatever comes our way, good or bad, our identity should be found in Christ. After all is said and done, that is the only way we’ll be able to stand.

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet
toward home, a land that I've never seen
I am changing, less and less asleep
made of different stuff than when I began
and I have sensed it all along
fast approaching is the day

when the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you

There’s distraction buzzing in my head
saying in the shadows it's easier to stay
but I've heard rumors of true reality
whispers of a well-lit way

You make all things new
You make all things new
You make all things new
You make all things
You make all things

When the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
Every fear and accusation under my feet
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Camping 101

Labor Day celebrations consisted of a DTC camping trip out at Jordan Park. The forecast was looking a little hairy but that didn't stop us from having any fun.

First order of business: Constructing a tent that was made during World War II. Thankfully, we have some smart people around and we whipped that tent up in no time.

Second: Costumes. Thanks to one, Ms. Kate Altmaier, everyone had a costume to wear for volleyball. Why you ask? Why not I say. It was quite entertaining to see everyone dressed up playing sand volleyball. I think my favorite costume was the Christmas tree. My vote for Most Enthusiastic Costume Wearer goes to Ryan Way. He would not play volleyball without a costume on.

Third: Build a Fire. The boys are always in charge of this task. They built a huge fire... which eventually started the grass on fire.. multiple times. As much as I love camping, I think what I really love most is the bonfire. The chilly weather causes you to scoot in close, the s'mores were delicious, and camp fire sing was so fun!

Fourth: Do NOT get scared. Jeremy pretty much made this impossible for Lisa "Macaroni" (our resident first time camper). Lisa's from Jersey and she does not camp. She has no place being in the woods among the creatures so Jeremy chose her as his victim. Somehow he crept his way into our tent and as Mary tried to go into the tent, Jeremy came charging out of it dressed in a gorilla suit. Yeah. Hilariously scary. For the rest of the night he pretty much ran behind trees and jumped out at people. (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him in his gorilla costume. Ean also scared Mary and Lisa, pictured below.

Fifth: Bring a first aid kit. Camping inevitably means you'll be running around in the dark. Ean got this great idea to sleep in a hammock. Unfortunately, one of the ropes on his hammock snapped and he ended up slicing his head. Blood was everywhere, it was gross, but he survived and we all learned a lesson. No hammocks.

Sixth: Boys like competition. Anything can easily be turned into a competition or a challenge. Wrestling, pop chugging, cart wheels... so be prepared. It's also good to have a commentator on hand.

Seventh: Bring snacks and lots of water. As stated above, if you're camping with boys they'll probably be building big fires which means starting the grass on fire. When that happens, there's a good chance your water will be used to put out the fire. Also, camping makes me hungry.

Eighth: Bring the Geetar. Who doesn't love singing around the campfire.

Ninth: Pranking. Anything involving poop is hilarious but the retribution will come back two-fold. Be sure that if pranks are going to be pulled, you're not the one stuck in the tent as the stakes are being pulled out and it crashes down on top of you.

Tenth: Have fun. Camping is so so so much fun!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Switch

I’m no movie critic or expert but I’ve seen enough movies to know what I like and what I don’t like. I’m pretty good about watching previews and deciding right there whether it will be worth my time or not. With that said, even if I don’t find the movie to be of great value watching the preview, that sometimes doesn’t stop me from watching it. That brings me to The Switch. I had little to no expectations for this movie, only that I was hoping to be amused by Jason Batemans banter. He was my draw to the movie and pretty much lived up to my expectation, however, I found myself thinking he was Michael Bluth (oh how I miss Arrested Development). I was pleasantly surprised by the boy who played Sebastian, Jennifer Aniston’s son in the movie. His dreary disposition and hypochondryisms (I think I just made up that word) were so lovable, you found yourself wanting to pick the kid up, give him a hug, and put him in your pocket. His big brown eyes and sweet little voice melted your heart. Jennifer Aniston played the other lead in the movie. To me, this part was pretty interchangeable. I think I would have enjoyed it even if someone else was playing her role because really, she didn’t have to do much. I think by placing her in this movie they were hoping for her popularity to draw in the crowds but sadly, I think her Friends popularity days are over (it’s definitely not as big as it used to be). Other characters in the movie were Jennifer Aniston’s quirky eccentric best friend played by Juliette Lewis (perfect casting) and the “seed guy.” I found this guy to be super creepy which made it hard for me to believe the story line.. but then again, I was always rooting for Jason Bateman’s character so maybe that was the point?! Overall, there were lots of laughs, some moments when I thought “this is terribly awkward, please cut to the next scene”, and some super sweet and endearing moments. If you get a chance, I’d check out this movie. Perhaps plan a girls night out to the theatre but definitely don’t pay full price. Maybe hit up the theater on a Stimulus Tuesday when the theater price is cheaper. I think you’ll enjoy it.

JtJilly Factor: 3 out of 5