Friday, February 26, 2010

Books Books Books

Books: Definitely one of my favorite things ever. I seem to go in spurts of reading. I'll read 5 or 6 books in a month and then I won't read another one until 4 months later. I'll read anything too and even if I don't like it, I have to finish it. There's only been a handful of books that I've ever not finished (college reading does not count here).

Recently, I've been on my kick with reading. There seems to be quite a few books turned to movies lately and I like reading the books before I see the movies. Books are usually better but I'm always impressed when a book can be adapted into a movie. Much of the time, the visuals you had in your head aren't the same as they end up on screen but when a movie gets it right, I'm impressed (Twilight does not fit here).

I recently re-read The Lovely Bones in hopes to see the movie. It was no longer in theaters when I wanted to go see it so I guess I have to wait for the Red Box. I'm curious as to how the whole movie will develop in relation to the book.

This past week I finished two Nicholas Sparks books: Dear John and The Last Song. Dear John was pretty good except for the ending. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen the movie or read the book but lets just say I would have liked a different ending from both the book and movie.. but that's not real life. Maybe that's why I like books, it's imagination. Impossible things are made possible. I was happy with the way the movie ended but I would have skipped a bunch of parts and gone straight to the ending.

Then I read The Last Song. I heard somewhere that Nicholas Sparks had Miley Cyrus in mind when he was either writing the book or helping adapt the book to a movie but I could totally understand why after reading the story. I like knowing who the characters already are in the movie when I'm reading the book, I think there's less shock value when you watch the movie because you already know what the characters look like. Anyways, I cried and cried and cried through the end of this book. I don't normally love Nicholas Sparks books. I think they're rather cheesy, sappy, and predictable but I really liked The Last Song. I'm not saying it wasn't any of those things but I really enjoyed 3 days of reading it. I think they cast the movie perfectly based on the descriptions in the book (if only Twilight would have asked my opinion in this category) and I can't WAIT for the movie.

Next on my list of reads: Percy Jackson's The Lightning Thief. Harry Potter it is not, but I'm interested.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines Day

Sunday Funday just happened to fall on Valentines Day. How fun right?! In support of heart day, my bff Kelli and I went to see the movie Valentine's Day (apparently along with everyone else in the city). The movie: mediocre, but I didn't really expect much so I was neither disappointed or impressed. The best part of the whole movie was Julia Robert's line during the credits.

To continue in the spirit of Valentines Day, we made a heart shaped pizza. We finished off the night watching a 60's movie with friends and laughing at how ridiculous it was. It was a great Sunday Funday/Heart Day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

Go USA!!! Emily, Ashlyn and I cheering on the United States

Now 2 Fridays ago, I hosted a Winter Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremonies party. Everyone was encouraged to come dressed in support of a country, a particular athlete, or sport. Since the party was at my home, I gladly represented my home country: USA! I was decked out in red, white, & blue (thank you cubs) and made a cake that looked like the American Flag. We had many other countries represented so it was fun to see all the costumes. My favorite was Ean who came dressed as Shaun White. So great! Canada's presentation was alright but nothing near in comparison to the spectacular Spectacular 2 years ago. I will say that my favorite part of the opening ceremonies were the whales. So cool! How can I make that appear on my floor? Was really humorous to watch Wayne Gretzky and Steve Nashs faces when the torch wouldn't work. Pretty unfortunate but oh well right. I'm so excited to watch Team USA compete. These next 15 or 16 days will be filled with tv time. (thank you dvr) Let the games begin!

Japan was represented

Oh Canada...

Shaun White was in the house

In support of my home country, I baked a cake.

Greg exuding excessive cheer

Friday, February 12, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

I had the wonderful pleasure of watching Theodactil and CrazyTrain (my new nickname for Mayzie) yesterday. As soon as I walked through the door, Theo screamed at the top of his lungs "shjillll" (he can't really say his j's quite clearly yet) and thus began the jumping. Crazytrain, on the other hand, was not as happy to see me. She's usually asleep whenever I stop over to the house to visit so I was still somewhat of a stranger to her. Thankfully, she warmed up quickly. Theo is very musical and loves to play and dance to music. Multiple times he requested that I watch him "shake his butt." Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera since I came straight from work but this would have been one of those moments to capture on camera. (I swear, he is his fathers son). After much more running around, it was time to eat.

I brought them each a McDonalds Happy Meal to which Theo exclaimed "It’s a PARTY!" We even had to get special napkins with balloons on them because it was now "a party." He'd eat 2 fries, look over at me and say "its just a party schjill, it’s a party!" Mayzie happily ate while she watched her brother jabber nonstop. Thankfully, we only had 2 instances of attempting to put french fries up our nose….

Potty Training Time. Theo was very good at letting me know he had to use the potty. After the 3rd round of "going potty," Theo dumped the removable bucket from his kid toilet into the big kids toilet. THEN (and this all happened in slow motion) he looked up at me, got this mischievous grin on his face and said "It’s a HAT!" Yep, he put the bucket on his head! I screamed, he ran, I chased, Mayzie followed, and finally caught him. I stuck his head under the sink and washed it, scrubbed his hands, attempted not to gag, and was laughing at the same time. Theo and Mayzie thought all of this was hilarious.

The rest of the evening was fun and we put together puzzles, read some books, and danced some more. Crazytrain went to sleep, though not happily, around 715 and Theodactil and I read some more on the couch. He told me a story about his upcoming birthday and then decided he wanted to read me a story. He's such a sweet little angel when he's tired. :) It was a fun night. I love those kids.

Here's some pictures of a past visit to the Nixon household.

Happy Birthday Baby Brosef

It's Jonny T's birthday today! He's getting so old!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Pet Peeve Alert Update

Previously, I filled you in on a little pet peeve of mine. Well today, while exiting the building, somebody rushed up behind me at the steps of the 4th floor. Rather than allow him to pass, or speed up my steps, I decided to match his pace. Call me crazy, but I decided to race him all the way down the stairs... and by him, I mean a 40+ year old man. I laughed (in my head) the entire way down the stairs and kept thinking "whoa, whoa.. he's booking." I had a slight advantaged with the inside corner at each turn of the steps but I allowed him to stay right with me (or me with him at some points). We both reached the revolving doors at the same time and he allowed me to go first. As soon as he was through, he sprinted (and I mean sprinted) past me into the parking garage. Who knows why he was in such a hurry but I appreciated his (unintentional) willingness to join in my competition.

and while we're on pet peeves, what is with this snow? I see no point in snow unless its on a mountain that I can ski down!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Pet Peeve Alert

So, while walking today I was conveniently trapped behind two people who decided it was necessary to walk at a turtles pace. Actually, a turtle might be giving them too much speed. I'm one of those people who likes to run up and down stairs (okay, well maybe not run UP the stairs all the time.. or like ever) and I have issues with following behind someone. I wonder what that says about me. Anyways, the fact that they were walking so very slow didn't bother me. Hey, if you aren't as excited I am to be heading home, by all means, take your sweet time. Even the fact that they decided to take up the entire hallway, not allowing me to pass, was only semi-annoying. I patiently waited while altering my speed. What really made me crazy was the fact that they both turned around, acknowledged that I was right behind them, gave me the strangest of looks, and continued on their snail-pace way. Even when they turned around 3, 4 times to realize that 7 other people had gathered behind them creating a conga line, they STILL didn't move, speed up, stop to let others pass. Now I realize that its a great thing to "stop and smell the roses" and take your time. After all, what really is the hurry? So, I've decided... I'm going to attempt to rid myself of this pet peeve. Good luck right?!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Paranormal Update

The banging within the bathroom stalls continues and there's even been some more toilet rattling. However, a new occurance of activity has popped up. A couple of days ago, over some sort of loud speaker, a phone started dialing... LOUDLY. It would dial, no one would answer, and then someone would hang up the phone. It would happen sporadically throughout the day over the intercom scaring me half to death and always happen with no explanation! Dial tone, dialing, no answer, hang up... dial tone, dialing, no answer, hang up!

My dear friend Kelli has now experienced the paranormal in her work bathroom. One day last week she was washing her hands and the water in the sink two spots down from her suddenly turned on. Freaky?! Yes. And today, yet again, Kelli walked into the bathroom to a sink running and no one was in the bathroom. Must I remind you, these are sensor water spouts, not nozzles. What was causing water to turn on? PARANORMAL!!!