Thursday, December 31, 2009

Look alive.... my top 5's!

My Top 5's for the Year 2009

The end of the year is a time when you look back on the past year and think about all the wonderful things you did, what you would have done differently, and how you'd like to make the next year even better. I like to make lists. Specifically, I like to write about some of my favorite things from the past year. So, here it goes. My Top 5's from 2009.

1) Robert Pattinson: seriously, where'd this guy come from?! He fascinates me.
2) Glee: Favorite new show of the year.
3) Laineygossip : guilty pleasure to pass those overtime hours
4) Freaks & Geeks: why didn't I watch this show when it was on television. hilarious!
5) Twitter: its a fad that I've caught on to. I'm not a big tweeter but I really enjoy reading others tweets!

1) Needtobreathe @ Simon Estes: we talked with them before the show and asked if they would play Haley, because Haley Janssen requested it. They said they didn't plan on it but during the show they gave us a shout out and played the song!
2) Jon McLaughlin and Parachute: I was introduced to one of my new favorite bands, Parachute. These guys are awesome!
3) Celine Dion: way back on January 4th. We were so close to Celine and her magic! LOVED this show. Thanks Janer
4) Ray LaMontagne in MN. I've never heard Ray talk so much!
5) Kelly Clarkson & Erik Hutchinson @ Iowa State Fair: who doesn't love fair shows. I jumped up and down like I was 15

Other noteworthy shows: Matt Nathanson (specifically the Eminem rap portion of the show); Needtobreathe cd release concert, Keith Urban & Taylor Swift

1) Trip to Europe: Favorite thing I did all year. Period.
2) Family Vacation: Chicago Cubs game and then Florida: Even though I got fried like a lobster and had sun poisoning, I'd do it all over again (but I'd wear more sun screen). I love baseball, I love my grandparents and visiting them in Florida, I love rollercoasters, and I love the beach! Great vacay.
3) Midnight Release Parties: New Moon and Harry Potter. Who doesn't love movies at Midnight!
4) My 26th Birthday Week: I spent the entire week celebrating with friends
5) Chicago trip with Swilson: the trip where everything went wrong... but we made it into an adventure

Other noteworthy events: Dad's induction into the High School Athletic Hall of Fame, Weddings: Katie Meyer, Emily & Trent, Laura & Jared, Justin and Allison, Allie & Matt;

1) Apple Party: who knew there were so many products inspired by apples
2) 80's rollerskating: I love the 80s
3) American Idol viewing parties
4) Mission: Find Adrien Brody
5) Summer Service Team trip to the Omaha Zoo: Mary almost had her hand chomped off my an alligator!

Other noteworthy random events: Harry Potter Exhibit with Jason, Fishing & the snacklebox, ELeFant Party

1) NEW MOON: pretty obvious this was my #1. I could go on for days. I'm a Twilight junkie
2) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
3) The Proposal: loved loved loved this. Laughed a lot.. out loud
4) Up: it's been a long time since I really loved an animated movie
5) District 9: the surprise of the Top 5. I was thoroughly entertained through this entire movie. It's like nothing I've ever seen.

Other noteworthy movies: Hannah Montana The Movie, I love girly movies; Michael Jackson's This is It, it was the old lady dancing in the aisles that made this one great.
Let Down of the year: Paranormal Activity, I was bored until the last 40 seconds of the movie. And I felt like I was going to vomit through the whole thing.

1) Into the Wild: finally got around to reading it.
2) Twenties Girl
3) A Room with a View
4) Celebration of Discipline
5) Comeback: A mother and daughters journey through hell and back

** sidenote: with the invasion of the Twilight franchise, I didn't read much else besides the series over and over again. My favorite book list was limited this year. Of everything I read this year, I would give nothing 5 stars.

1) The Outsiders, Needtobreathe: Favorite band, favorite cd.
2) Glee Soundtrack Volume 1
3) Only by the Night, Kings of Leon (came out in 2008 but I didn't get the album until 2009
4) Brand New Eyes, Paramore
5) Battle Studies, John Mayer

Other Noteworthy, Losing Sleep, Parachute; Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, JB; Crazy Love, Michael Buble; The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack

1) I Got a Feelin by The Black Eyed Peas: definitely the hottest song of the year
2) The Climb by Miley Cyrus: I sang this song on repeat for about 2 months straight
3) Dead and Gone: T.I and Justin Timberlake: JT always makes the list
4) Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer: I'm a sucker for a good breakup song.
5) Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys & Jay Z: this one barely snuck in there. I love everything about this song.

Other noteworthy songs: One Time by Justin Bieber; Single ladies by Beyonce; Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

And that's it. My Top 5 list for 2009.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Elfing Good Time

My bible study comes up with some of THE craziest party ideas, which is why I love them all so much. For Christmas this year, Jenni and Rianne decided to host an EleFant themed party. Everyone was encouraged to come dressed as an Elf and bring a white elephant gift to share. Some of the Elf outfits were hilarious.

Some of the girls sporting their best elf outfits

Jenni: the happiest elf on the block

Kelli and I. So.. my hair didn't turn out like I hoped it would and stand completely up but this is an okay attempt.

Ean, a creative mastermind, decided to come dressed as an Elephant instead. His enthusiasm was much appreciated.

There were lots of holiday treats and LOTS of laughs. See: Justin and his man thighs

The white elephant gift exchange saw a plethora of treasures. When the evening was over, I walked away with a Water Rocks set. That's right, you can grow your own rocks! Awesome, I know. Others were fortunate enough to get some etched glass goblets, protein supplements, body building and buns of steel dvds, used up gift cards, and my personal favorite The Petal Top. (it was my favorite because it was originally given to me as an actual Christmas present from my grandma).

Here is Karen sporting the petal top. She was the proud winner

The evening was capped off with the movie Elf. What a fun way to spread holiday cheer. Here's McKenna and her big booties

Sara and Kelli were clearly excited to be at the party.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trost Christmas

I previously posted about the Trost Family Christmas so I thought I would share some pictures.

My cousin Audrey and I after the first competition

My Aunt Laurie. The mastermind behind this years competition

The Grandkids with Grandma (Jon is missing and we have some new additions to the group)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and were able to celebrate with your friends and family. Somebody special wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas as well! (I couldn't help myself)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanksgiving..... delayed post

I know, it's Christmas Eve and I'm posting about Thanksgiving. However, I just now realized that I never posted a picture of our turkey that we decorated at work. Last year we were unjustly defeated in the turkey decorating competition so this year we wanted to go above and beyond. I'd say my coworkers hit a home run with this one. Can you spot the turkey? In case you can't, the frozen turkey is Santa's butt. And with that, we won!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paranormal Bathroom Activity Log

Day 3: The other day my coworker came back from the bathroom and asked us what the sirens were from. We all looked a little bit confused because we never heard sirens. She said "when I was in the bathroom, I could hear sirens." You guessed it, there were never any sirens going off.. anywhere.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday traveling with my brother

My brother and I always seem to have the worst luck (which actually turns out to be good luck.. I'll explain) when traveling together for the holiday celebrations. Last year, you may recall my story about us hitting a "mysterious tent" when driving home from thanksgiving. Whatever it was, we hit it, it obliterated into nothingness and we've never been able to figure out what it actually was that we hit. Thankfully, no damage was done to my car.
Well, this weekend we were traveling to the Annual Trost Family Christmas and right in front of us, a Durango comes flying in the air and all I can see is a giant cloud of snow. Seconds later its smashed on top of the cement barrier separating the north lanes from the south lanes. So scary as it happened right in front of us but again, thankful that it wasn't our car. Everyone was okay thankfully.

In other news, the Trost Family Christmas Competition this year involved hard boiled eggs. The brackets this year saw me facing off against my father in the first round. I walked away victorious as my egg didn’t crack! I eventually made it to the final round against my cousin Mitch but sadly, I was defeated. I then proceeded to lose miserably in Phase 10 however, I was fortunate to come away from the day with a Target gift card, some ring pops, and a copper candy cane cookie cutter! I love Trost Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paranormal Bathroom Activity Log

Day 2: My coworker entered the bathroom and noticed that one stall door always remains shut and no one ever goes into it. She has also noticed the pipe noise I experienced. New activity to report: her bathroom toilet rattled/moved!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some crazy paranormal activity going on...

So, I'm thinking there's some definite paranormal activity going on in one of the bathrooms at work. This afternoon, I walked into the bathroom and the toilet was flushing.. And wouldn’t stop flushing. It continually flushed for the entire time I was in there. I obviously left the bathroom but when I returned a couple of hours later, it started up again. Weird non?

But that’s not the only instance, the pipes or something within the walls seem to be making this weird noise. It's almost like someone bangs a giant board against them or something. Totally random and totally unexplainable. But here's the kicker, I was working on a Sunday afternoon so basically no one was in the building. I walked into the bathroom and suddenly, one toilet flushed in a different stall. Then, another toilet flushed in another stall. I got so creeped out I ran out of the bathroom. Either I have the ability to set off motion detectors in toilet stalls without actually being in them or something is seriously awry! Freaky! I knew I was special. ha

Monday, December 14, 2009

No. 1 Album of the Decade... says msnbc

I had no idea about this!!! But I'm glad to say that I was a part of this phenom!

'N Sync's 'No Strings' decade's No. 1 album
Billboard magazine says the boy band led by Justin Timberlake had the decade's best-selling album with "No Strings Attached," which sold more than 10 million copies.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I woke up this morning around 5 am hoping that work would be canceled. As I looked out our front window, this is what I saw. Even if work wasn't canceled, I was completed trapped by snow. There was about a 2 foot drift surrounding my car and our front door and at the end of our driveway, a 4 foot+ drift. (I jumped in it!) SO, with all this snow surrounding my house I'm forced to stay inside and get those much neglected chores completed and checked off my list. I think the entire city of Des Moines is shut down today! I Heart Snow days! (and yes, work was canceled!)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Shopping

The following things were witnessed/heard while Christmas shopping with my mother today:

1) A man asking his wife which Snuggie, the blue or the pink, made him look less fat! (I'm going to assume he was joking)

2) A lady giving herself a facial with a humidifier in BB&B... for 15 minutes. How do I know it was for that long? Because I timed her!

3) While my mom and I were looking at Christmas music, I suggested I would make a playlist for her. Her song request: "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas

4) A child screaming in terror, throwing themselves on the floor, rolling around, flattening themselves on the floor so they couldn't be picked up... and the mom... texting.

5) The guy's name tag at the register in TJMaxx read: Jesus C.

6) "If he doesn't get me the Edward doll, I'll probably break up with him" (This was my favorite)

Ahhh,... the joys of holiday shopping. My feet hurt.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Moon Premiere Day Recap

5:00 am To say that I bolted out of bed this morning would probably be an understatement. I literally hurdled myself off my bed. It was New Moon premiere day! My coworkers and I have been talking about Twilight for over a year and specifically this day. My work environment has been taken over by Twilight fever. You walk past people's desks and everyone has some sort of Twilight paraphernalia hanging on their wall or on their desks. Its quite funny actually. Even the guys around here know we're serious fans and if they bring up anything in the realm of Twilight, we talk about it for hours. We've all been so excited for this day its been the topic of about every conversation. I knew exactly what I would wear on this day (my Team Edward shirt of course) and knew that my brain would not be able to function coherently as the premiere day drew near. Now that it's actually here, my assumptions were correct (I know myself to well).

1:00 I'm having a hard time concentrating ( pretty much all day.) I'm firing off emails like a mad woman, running back and forth between meetings, and trying to be as productive as possible. But lets face it, I'm a crazy super fan. I've never been able to sit still for long but today is just driving me crazy. I'm bouncing up and down in my chair like a 5 year old at Christmas.

4:30 I'm so amped up, its like I've got an IV pumping red bull into me! Finally able to leave work and am speeding home to "try" to take a nap. Yeah right. My mind is going 1000 miles a minute. I can't sit down I'm so excited. Rpattz, only a couple of hours away.

7:00 Thankfully I am able to meet up with some friends to keep me pre-occupied before it's time to head to the premiere. My bff Melissa has seen first hand what Twilight does to me. When we were in Italy, the first New Moon preview was released and I literally was jumping on the bed in the hotel! Thankfully, the couple of hours before the premiere are all about her (we're wedding dress shopping for her) so I'm able to concentrate on that (and I use the word concentrate lightly).

8:45 - Time to snap some Pre-New Moon pictures with Rob. Sarah and I were pretty creative with our picture taking. I of course had to get one of Rob and myself in my Team Edward shirt. After pictures, we run to the store to pick up our snacks.

A little light reading with Rob watching over us.

Sarah recreating a Twilight moment

Team Edward

1015 - I get a text from Christie telling me there's a fairly long line at the theatre but they're letting people in to be seated already. Sarah and I frantically run out the door and head to the theatre to get our seats! Rob Rob Rob.

10:30 - we are in our seats and there's a crazy buzz in the air. People are watching Twilight on their portable dvd players in the theatre, some teenage girls in front of us are quizzing each other on Twilight trivia, and Sarah and I are laughing at variety of age ranges in our theatre. My coworkers are in another theatre and they told me the atmosphere was the same. Lots of excitement and anticipation.... I stopped by their theatre to say hello and its true.. there's people everywhere excited for Twilight.

11:45 - we're starting to get a bit delusional in the theatre

12:01 - I get a text from my coworker in another theater that people are chanting "Edward" and that the previews have just started. Crazy smiles!

12:05 - lights go down.... and the first preview is Rob Pattinson's newest movie "Remember Me." There's lots of screaming happening, myself included. I suddenly turn into a 14 year old girl when Rob is on the screen.

12:17 - OMG Its NEW MOON - lots and lots and LOTS of screams as Rob appears on screen... then when Taylor appears even more screaming.

2:30 - New Moon = AWESOMENESS! Loved loved loved the movie and how they ended it! Can't wait for Eclipse and we get to do this all over again!