Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today around the office:

I heard the following references/conversations/discussions.
* Harry Potter and his phoenix feather wand.
* Strapping a torpedo to a turtle and calling it Rocket Reptile
* Timberhanna: in reference to the rumored split of JT and Jessica Biel and if JT and Rihanna would get together to create a new celebrity name. My thought when I heard it "Its very similar to that hibachi place, benihanas"
* (I was a part of this conversation) If Mr. Pattinson were to sign autographs for my coworker and I, this is what we would want him to write to us:

Dear Christie, You are quite literally the least psycho Twi-Mom I have ever met. Just as you had fancied in your head, as soon as you chatted me up, I thought, "she is my life now". Love, Rob

Dear Jill, Where have you been all my life? You are the reason I exist. I love you. Bite me. Love, Rob

* And last but certainly not least: "that man is lucky he's not in our building or I'd tell him to meet me in the hall so I could punch him in the face"

and so goes another work day....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A long day...

This morning was one of those mornings where I was glad I didnt have to wash my hair because I was incredibly warm under my 4 blankets (my comforter is getting drycleaned so i'm resorting to fleece blankets. its like i was in hibernation this morning when i woke up) nonetheless, i wanted so badly to be a coffee drinker because I COULD NOT wake up. my boss asked me at least 3 times if i'm okay because I look tired. too bad i'm not a vampire where its okay to have dark circles under your eyes. :)

For lunch, I usually eat the same brand of yogurt every day so I know what to expect. Well I ran to the grocery this week and picked up a couple new kinds. Bad idea. I about vomited in my mouth after the first bite. Then I realized I forgot my wallet at home so I spent a good portion of time scrounging around my desk for things to eat for lunch. I resorted to an apple, cheerios, and a chocolate bar my coworker gave me.

Aside from that, it's my good friend Jenni's birthday today. She is the HAPPIEST most upbeat person you will ever meet. So for her, I'm making myself have a good day today. :) Happy Birthday Jenni

Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny for your Friday

My aunt sent this story to me, I laughed hard.

How would you pronounce this child's name?

She spells her name..... "Le-a"

So... how would YOU pronounce her name?

Leah? ...................NO.
Lee - A? ........... NOPE.
Lay - a? ............. NOT A CHANCE.
Lei?,,,,,,,,,,NICE TRY...BUT... GUESS AGAIN!

This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA.. Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong. She says it's pronounced................. "Ledasha".

When the Mother was asked how in the world did she figured it should be pronounced that way....... she said....!! ..."cause the dash don't be silent!"

So, if you see a name come across your desk like this... please remember to pronounce the dash.

And... if anyone axe you why, tell them it's 'cause the dash don't be silent'!

Celebrity Go Getter Alert!

Film crews will be filming a scene for the movie "Janie Jones" at Des Moines International Airport from 7 a.m. to noon today (Friday). The crews will film one scene featuring a person exiting a car and entering the airport at the north end of the terminal, along the curb. Impact to passengers is expected to be minimal.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Time for some Fall Harvest Mix

My Fall Harvest Mix: Every fall in college, my roommates and I would get together to make our fall harvest mix. Each of us would make our own and then sit on "big blue" the couch, watch the OC, and eat our Fall Harvest. My mix consists of: honey nut cheerios, raisins, dry roasted peanuts, candy corn, and the occasional m&ms. Fall Harvest mix time is one of my favorite things about the fall!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrity Go Getter Alert!

Elisabeth Shue spotted in Des Moines.

courtesy of JM

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm now safely back in the states.... and I'm tired.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music

Since as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of twirling through the hills like Julie Andrews! Finally, today, I've made it to Austria and I'm about to make that dream come true. You better believe I'm going to sing "Do Re Mi" while jumping up and down the infamous fountain steps. YES!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

And I'm Off....

On my European Adventure: Round 2. I'll be stopping in Austria and Italy this round. I don't know what access I'll have to wireless so my posts may be limited. Rest assured, there'll be plenty when I'm back with lots of pictures and stories to share. Ciao!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's nice having teachers for friends.

You get to hear the most hilarious stories!! Here's a few they shared with me today. You just have to love children.

Haley's story: Favoite moment of the day so far... happened while the 2nd graders were doing "jogging practice" outside around the track. I was on the backstretch encouraging them. They needed to go around twice: All of them were so cute and funny in their own way, but 7 year old Henry was near the end. He was stomping hard. Breathing hard. Came around the first time and bellowed, "I feel like I've run 3 miles so far!!" And the second time he panted, "I think I just blew a lung."

Sarah's story: We were reading in our science book about protists (thrilling, I know) and it talks about how they move. Some have cilia, little hairs that help them swim and some have what’s called a flagella which is like a tail that whips them and then their bodies can twist and turn around. I said something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be so funny if we had tails instead of legs?” and one student just stood up in the middle of class and said “My grandpa has a tail. He has a bunch of hair THIS long (hand gesture of about a foot) that hangs out of the top of his pants in the back! He even braided it!"

Kelli's story: Today we did "noun spinners" in the gen ed 3rd grade. they got to come up with their own list of people, places and things that another teacher and i wrote on the board. we have these awesome magnetic spinners that we put in the middle of each type of noun and let three students come up to spin the spinners. then allllll of the third grade students have to think of their own sentence incorporating the nouns the spinners stopped on. highlight of this game: Person-Justin Timeberlake. Place-Airport. Thing-Grass. Best sentence we heard: Justin Timberlake smelled like grass.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Found $4 in my coat pocket this morning. CHA CHING!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kids, Do NOT try this at home

The Service Team outting to the Omaha Zoo was this weekend and boy was it eventful. We all piled into 2 cars Sunday morning and headed out to Omaha. We were blessed with perfect weather and an easy drive. When we arrived, we mapped out our plan of attack, grabbed some grub, and began our adventure. We took a lot of pictures along the way, saw a lot of animals, and I was scared multiple times! Below is a short summary of the many instances where my dislike of animals was confirmed.

1) The Petting Zoo: no more than 15 minutes into our adventure I already had goats chasing after me. Well, maybe they weren't exactly chasing after me, more like walking in my direction…. But they had horns!

2) Exiting the Cat Complex…. What if one of those things got loose? I mean really? (and while I was saying this, I was walking backwards). I dislike cats! (as I turn around and am within inches of the closing door). I screamed.

3) Kingdoms of the Night: Bats - I stood watching the bats fly around for a bit. It was SO dark in there you couldn't see much. One bat however decided to hang on a branch inches from my face so I stood and looked at him. As I inched closer to the protective glass, a GIANT bat swooped down and landed on that same branch right in front of my face. I'm pretty sure I had flailing arms and screams as my life flashed before my eyes. Jenni and Darrin can confirm.

4) Kingdoms of the Night: Alligators - This story beats all so I'll give you the short synopsis since it's better told in person. McKenna drops her sunglasses in the alligator infested water. Mary decides she's going to get the sunglasses back for McKenna. Darrin is put on Alligator watch duty while Mary hops over the barricade. While Mary is being dangled over the water with McKenna holding on to her waist and a random stranger holding on to her belt loop, I notice a rather GINORMOUS alligator swimming their way. Its at this point I began to tell Mary to "Get Up" only they don’t hear me because of all the people. No more than 5 seconds after she gets her hand out of the water, that GINORMOUS alligator raises his head and snaps basically exactly where she just was. Neither Darrin, Mary, or McKenna saw him coming. Thankfully, we all walked out of there with all of our arms.

5) Skyfari - I've never been afraid of heights but for some reason, that rickety skyride that has you dangling over the rhinoceros is probably not the safest thing ever. Emily and I enjoyed our time back on the ground. :)

Quite an eventful day for the service team who spent all summer doing manual labor for the Drake neighborhood. We love adventure and I'd say we got it! We’re already talking about a reunion trip for the Desert Dome Round 2!!

BTW: I'd also like to make a special note about Haley feeding the orangutans. This wasn’t exactly scary but the fact that she was feeding the animals, which can ultimately get us kicked out of the zoo, made the situation a little more rebellious than it should have been. Was definitely the funniest moment of the trip as well.