Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Man Weekend

Man Weekend: That’s what Katie Allen and I have termed this past weekend. Let me explain. It all started out with a bonfire on Friday night. There was grilling, of course this was handled by a man, while the girls sat around chatting like we usually do. Some of the guys started to build a fire but McKenna was quick to help. Before we knew it, she was dragging a giant tree limb down the street to be used for the fire (and when I say giant, I mean giant). Basically for the rest of the night, she "manned the fire." Saturday night after church, a bunch of us really didn't know what to do. A lot of the guys from our bible studies were going to watch some UFC match. Not exactly my idea of fun but what are you going to do when options are limited. Basically, 7 girls crowded around a card table to play Nerts while the boys all hollered at the tv. Throughout the night there were many jokes about guys … I guess being immersed in manliness brings out a lot of humor.
Sunday afternoon was filled with manual labor. McKenna and I took a drive to Ames and we jammed to Classic Rock the entire trip. Sunday evening, it was decided that we would all go see the new Terminator movie. Again, man choice. The night capped off with a stop at Perkins and then to Saylorville where we threw rocks, climbed on rocks, talked about rocks, and laughed some more. All in all, the man weekend turned out to be pretty fun. There were some new friendships formed, lots of hilarious jokes told, and fun memories made.

I guess growing up with brothers, I can easily fit in when its man time but I'm pretty thankful I'm a girl. We're just cuter! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AI Recap

When I think all hope is lost with America, the AI winner is announced and America totally redeems themselves!! Yeah for Kris Allen. It's funny how you can become so committed to a TV show that you develop such strong opinions and emotions to the people participating in American Idol. This year a group of us decided to start watching American Idol after bible study. As the weeks went by, the group grew larger and more people started to show up. The AI train was getting crowded but we didn't care, we welcomed anyone who wanted to join in the fun of watching AI. Though some came to watch just for the social aspect, most were there to root on their favorites. I usually pick a favorite AI contestant pretty quickly into the season and this year it was Matt Giraud (5th place… I'm still proud of you Matt). A few people jumped on the Kris bandwagon but most were voting for Danny. Week after week people would show up at my house to watch, cheer, give their advice, laugh at Paula, and enjoy the show. Who would have ever thought that AI could be an outreach opportunity!
It become clear who were the front runners as the season neared an end. As we reached the final 4… it was cause to look back at the fun journey we'd been on. I mean, we'd seen a lot this year from Norman Gentle, to bikini girl, and even Tatiana. (Thankfully, the judges still had some control at that point and they weren't allowed to advance in the competition). Once Matt was gone, I had to pick a new person to cheer for. I will always go for the piano guy (who doesn't love the piano!) so Kris was my choice.

The night Danny was voted out and the final 2 were decided, silence pretty much overtook the room. I think Darrin almost cried. (j/k) What was going to happen?! Adam was clearly the judges favorite (as they so obviously made that known) so I have to admit, I was worried. It's not that Adam is a bad singer, he's just not my style. There's something about him that doesn't seem real to me and I have a problem with voting for someone who I don't feel like I know. What kind of album would he put out? What kind of artist is he? I never know… nor will I b/c I'm not buying his cd! :) Anwyays, Kris was the clear favorite amongst the AI crew at my house. The night of the finale, about 50 people crowded in my house to watch the results. It was so much fun but the night would only be complete with a Kris Allen win. How terrible would it have been to invest that much time to be disappointed at the end. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and Mr. Smiley (kris) won. What a great guy he seems to be (I won't act like I know him). He just seems humble, real, genuine, and an all around good guy…. And I'll always vote for the good guy. Yeah for Kris Allen and his American Idol win! Until next season…

A picture of some of the masses that assembled last wednesday night:

Btw, this entry is dedicated to Meg Rude's upcoming baby: Kris Allen Miley Cyrus Jonas Rude. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPRING is Here!

You know that Spring and fun are on the way when you start planning all outdoor activities in hopes that the weather cooperates. Even if its mildly warm outside, you don't care and still play outside. Last Sunday night Sarah hosted a BBQ at her house with Robin. It was such a fun time. We all sat around on the deck chatting and laughing at Anthony mastering the grill. A few people played bocce ball and a game volleyball broke out. There were even some amazing hairdos that were created, namely one on the top of my head created by Smangela. The inspiration behind my hairdo - Barbie and the Rockers! Nice huh.

Monday night a bunch of friends got together to celebrate Adam V's birthday. We all met at a park in WDM and Jenni provided a smorgasbord of snack food for everyone. (She was also the party planner!) A bunch of us played sand volleyball - which btw, was hilarious. Some people played an intense game of Bocce ball, and when I say intense, I mean the longest game ever (longest as in distance.. they went around the entire park). There were also a few side games of corn bag (which I LOVE). A few of us broke off from the volleyball game to play some football. (Haley, Luke, Ean, and myself vs. MoJay, Lauren, Jake, and Darrin). I only had flip flops and the ground was absolutely freezing. I was convinced I had frost bite and not to mention the sketchy stuff I stepped in while running out for a pass. The evening ended with a game of spoons on the picnic table! Shaly, Kelli, and I opted out of playing spoons and instead decided to hit the volleyball back and forth. That soon turned in to trying to hit Luke and Ean with the volleyball. Unfortunately, we were never successful but it was still fun to try. It was a great night of celebrating Adam's birth and having a fun time with friends. I love Spring!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My little bro is gettin hitched!

My little brother Jon and his girlfriend Krista got engaged. How exciting! August 7, 2010 is the official wedding date in Appleton, Wisconsin (that Green Bay Packer country in case you didn't know). So, Jon's the first of the Trost kids to walk down the aisle... unless one of us beats him to it before then (but it's not looking promising :)!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You won't see this stopping me!

Swine flu?! Does anybody else get the feeling that the Swine Flu is going to turn out to be just like Y2K? Seriously people?! We're all going to laugh about this one day… about how the entire world is up in arms over a flu named after a pig which has only infected very few people (in the scope of the world) yet seems to cause massive panic attacks. While I don't think this is the end of the world (nor did I think Y2K would do anything) it would stink to go out with a disease named after a pig…. (literally)! :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

IOWA Cubs!

There is nothing I love more than summer baseball. Seriously, I could sit and watch a baseball game for the entire day. (side note: I wasn't always like this. I think when you grow up around baseball, its boring as a kid because you're watching it every weekend... and then some). I'm so glad that in my "adult" days, I've grown to love the sport. A couple of weeks ago, Jason, Lance, Martin, and I went to the Iowa Cubs game to celebrate Jason's birthday and it was a grand ole time. We had box seats in the outfield, right behind left field so we heckled the other teams fielder a few times. They were great seats.. they might be my new favorite spot to sit though I'm still hoping to sit in that giant AE glove over left field! haha (if you're an Ia Cubs fan you know what I'm talking about).
They played the Albuquerque Isotopes and we spent about the first 4 innings debating about what an Isotope actually is. Martin bought me a hotdog, a must have at any baseball game. The weather was absolutely perfect for a game and the CUBS won! It was just a really fun night and I'm so thankful to have this team in town. And to top off the night, I caught a baseball!