Sunday, October 12, 2008

Florida ... Day by Day

You're about to get a taste of my life.. day by day... while in Florida. With these next few blogs, I've taken some of my journal entries and shared them with you. Enjoy.

Day 1
The morning started out like any other morning. I spent time in the Word, got caught up on Sportscenter and slowly got ready. I finished packing, ate some breakfast, and waited... Luke and Anthony showed up to pick up my parents dryer and my mom arrived shortly after that. Jason also made an early morning appearance.

Before too long, we were on our way to the KC airport with a stop on the way to Wendys for a quick meal (which btw, was the grossest thing I've eaten in a long time). We didn't waste much time getting to the airport. Mom and I had good conversation in the car and it was great to have that mother/daughter time.

Arriving at the airport, we didn't have to wait long. We did run into an interesting lady dressed in jeans, pink heels, and a tight white cropped tank with her belly hanging out in all its glory. Classy. Our flight to hotlanta was filled with servicemen... most from the US Navy. We all clapped for them and showed our appreciation when we landed. I wanted to shake some of their hands but I thought it might be a bit much. We quickly exited and headed for our departure gate that would take us to Melbourne. The guy sitting in front of me thought it would be an awesome idea to talk on his earphone to a girlfriend he obviously missed. his audible level was at about an 8 and in an enclosed plane, that makes i about a 17 on a scale of 1 - 10. So, I heard all about his drunken evening and he ended every sentence with "Alright, rock on." My mom got a kick out of that. I watched some SNL on the ole ipod (to which I laughed out loud and then realized I had become the annoying one on the plane) and then switched to a Chip Ingram talk. Much more tamed down.
We landed and the air smelled oh so fresh... like I remembered from when I was a little girl. Our car was waiting for us and we were whisked off to my grandparents. When I saw them, I cried. You don't realize how much you miss someone until you see them after such a long time (7 years to be exact). There were lots of hugs, and tears (from me of course, I'm always the emotional one) and we sat down to just catch up on life.

Though my grandpa looks much older, I will always picture him the way I did when I was 10 years old. That's my grandpa to me. He repeated himself many many many times, kept trying to figure out who I belonged to because I was so much older now, and continually told me that he prays for me. I couldn't help but smile. My grandpa thanks the good Lord everyday day for allowing him to grow old and I felt convicted. Even in his condition and his old age, he gives thanks and praise to our Lord. ... so this ends day 1. I'm heading straight to the pool tomorrow....

Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm off to the Sunshine state

So this is a lame post... but I just needed to state a few things.

1. Congrats to my bff Hayley and Michael and their new baby daughter Mayzie Emma Nixon.. pictures will come later
2. I'm super pumped to see my grandparents and spend multiple days laying out at the pool and the beach
3. Yeah Wells Fargo. Way to get in there and snag Wachovia.... to keep me employed! I do love the wagon.
4. Cubs... seriously, I have no words for you right now. Consider yourself shunned until you decide to play baseball.
5. Iowa Hawkeyes, can we maybe win a conference game this year? Please? That's not too much to ask I hope.
6. Is the election over yet?
7. Swilson, how does it feel to be so much older and wiser?
8. Java Jazz... are you ready to be jazzy? what.. i got nothin
9. The Office... next time you have a season premiere, don't wait 2 weeks before you show the next episode. That was so cruel!
10. My favorite joke of the year: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino? elephino! hahahaha (thanks tbone)