Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watching the Olympics Advice

My good friend Sarah Bishop passed some important advice on to me today in regards to watching the Olympics. Read below:

1) Stay hydrated.

2) Tell yourself you only need four hours of sleep- really.

3) Wear sunglasses to hide your red eyes.

4) Crank up your iPod and listen to anything Michael Phelps does.

5) Skip work (you're never going to see an Olympics like this again anyway).

My personal favorite is definitely number 5 (and believe me, I've thought about it). Thanks for the great advice Sarah. I would just like to say one more time, WAY TO GO SHAWN JOHNSON!! We're all so proud!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here's an article I found about the band Needtobreathe. (click on the title "Needtobreathe" to go to the article) I just went to their concert and once again I was blown away! They are SO amazing. Their music is fantastic and they seem like truly humble and genuine guys. The best part is that they bolding proclaim that Jesus is their Lord, through their songs, their name, their demeanor. I can't wait for them to come back to town for another show! Seth, Bo, Bear, and Joe: thanks for the great show!

http://www.briomag.com/briomagazine/entertainment/a0006880.html (here's another link to the article. just copy/paste)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

USA.... all the way!

So it's pretty clear that Michael Phelps dominates anything that involves swimming in water! He can do it all! It's obvious that when you think of what a swimmer should look like, he fits the profile exactly. I'd like to stand up next to him and compare our wing-span! My favorite part of swimming is when they do their flip turns and NBC gives us the under water view. They're like dolphins under there! I'm just amazed every single time. We're all cheering for Michael to get every Gold he can!!

I love the Olympics and I don't want them to end. Staying up to watch them is definitely something worth losing sleep over. Being from the USA, I naturally cheer for us but I find myself getting ticked off when we don't get Gold! I expect USA to win everything. It's a problem I'm learning to deal with (but if we'd just win everything then I wouldn't have a problem right?!) :)

That's not to say that I wasn't proud of what the Mens and Womens Gymnastics teams did. Sure there was a few missed opportunities but they really did perform well based on the circumstances. Hometown Girl Shawn Johnson really stepped it up and was solid through the whole thing. She really represented the USA proudly. I can't wait to watch her compete in the All Around. Every single person in Des Moines (and in Iowa for that matter) is so proud of her and is really rooting for her! It's so great to see. We Iowans don't have much to get excited for in the summer except Sweet Corn!

If you haven't been watching the Olympics, shame on you. Once every 4 years the Summer Games come around and it's the greatest excuse to plan parties, drop everything, and sit in front of the TV for about 5 hours straight!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Are you worried? I'm not though people have been acting a little more strange today... Hmmmm.

Well I'm just going to post some YAYS that I'm excited about:
1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 came out and it was fantastic!
2. SYTYCD finale - WOW. For this there are no words!
3. Iowa State Fair - you guessed it, its here in all its glory. Over 35 different things on a stick just waiting to be taste tested!
4. The Olympics - Shawn Johnson what what!?! Who's excited for some swimming, diving, track, gymnastics, basketball, ping pong? I AM!!
5. The Jonas Brothers cd comes out on Tuesday. It's true, I'm a fan
6. Jon McLaughlin and NeedtoBreathe are in town.... the same night!! (i may have to troubleshoot this situation and somehow figure out how to attend both.)
7. They announced on the SYTYCD finale that there's going to be a Step Up 3D. I'm pumped
8. My little brosef scored a job in Chitown.
9. My older brosef moved to Des Moines from Chitown (tennis anyone?)
10. God is just so good! I'm sad Epicenter and the Body builders are over but I'm super excited for Bible Studies!

Those are my 10 yays for today. 8-8-08... weird.