Sunday, June 29, 2008

GNO Roadtrip to Minnesota

Friday evening: We loaded up the Mariner and were headed North. The skies looked treacherous but we pressed on, insistent that nothing would ruin our fabulous weekend we girls had planned. As we were coming upon Ames, the skies opened and rain began to fall from the sky. Still, we pressed on. Only until we hit the exit for Ames did we realize that the water was now coming down in buckets and the wind outside was stronger than anything I've ever driven through. Suddenly we couldn't see a single thing and realized that we were driving through a water tornado! (look it up, they're real) I can speak for all of us when I say that we were a bit scared. Thankfully Heather navigated us through the water tornado and the rain eventually let up. By the time we hit the Iowa/Minnesota border, the skies were beautiful and willing us to keep traveling. A few stops were made for the ever popular 69 cent fountain pops and much needed bathroom breaks. Before we knew it, we arrived at our first destination: Sarah's house.

Friday night: Have you ever been with a group of girls who have been traveling, are hungry, thirsty, tired, and can't seem to stop talking?? Well that was us. We chatted and chatted away. Then when we thought we were tired and were getting ready to sleep, thats when Sarah got out the old bouquets, veils, bow ties, just married paraphernalia, and what have you and the laughter began. I can honestly say that Friday night, I laughed harder than I can ever remember. Discussion from old boyfriends, diapers, the interesting festivals of downtown MN, the battle hymn wake up call..... I could go on forever. I laughed SO hard, it was unbelievable! Its moments like those that I wish I had a video to capture the moments to see how happy everyone was! It was truly a great night of laugher that we will talk about for ages.

Saturday: SHOPPING!!!! What's greater than the mall with it all! Truly, if you can't find it in the Mall of America, it probably doesn't exist. Thanks to Lyle (our GPS navigator) we found the mall successfully and our shopping extravaganza began. We all walked away from the mall with great purchases that we're all proud of. We stopped for a bite to eat at the RainForest Cafe where we were treated to a lovely picture with a tree frog, sat booth-side with a giant aquarium, made a great Mad-Lib, and ate some tasty "jungle" food. The shopping ensued after the refuel.....

Saturday night: Once again, Lyle did his job and got us to our hotel in Downtown Minneapolis. We unpacked quickly, made a quick wardrobe change, and headed to the Metrodome for the Twins game. They were playing the Brewers so we were pretty excited. We found our seats and luckily, mine was right next to a cute guy. What's greater than a hot guy who loves baseball?? Nothing! Many whispers were exchanged between all the girls about Mr. Baseball. Sadly, we didn't his number. It probably wouldn't have worked anyways. I mean, he's not a Cubs fan! The game didn't turn out how we would have liked and the Twins lost. The Brew Crew was overly excited and a few fights broke out.... that's baseball. All in all, I got my souvenir Twins cup, got to watch baseball with great friends, and once again laughed a ton!

Sunday: Laura and I hit the gym for a good jog. It was a great little workout I must say. We all got ready and headed out for another afternoon of shopping. Lyle got really angry with us as we tried to maneuver our way back towards the mall. He kept getting this angry tone with us and having to "recalculate" because we weren't taking the route that he wanted. IKEA was our next stop and boy did we have fun there. So much to see and have fun with. Laura was a newbie to the store so she was like a kid in a candy store. It was a fun day.

Sunday afternoon: Back on the road again. Thankfully this time we didn't have to deal with any rain tornadoes. A couple more stops for some sustenance and we were back home again. The weekend was fabulous, I cannot say enough about it. I loved every second of it. Thanks for the great weekend girls. I can 't wait for the next GNO.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More flood pictures....

Here's some more pictures. The top pictures is from Downtown Des Moines on Court Avenue. The sewers filled up and all the water came from out of the man-holes and into the streets. yuck!

The aerial pictures are of Waverly, Iowa .... you will notice Wartburg College in some of them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Floods of 2008

I thought I'd post some pictures of the town where I grew up. Currently, they have a boil-water notice and some of the town has an evacuation order. Thankfully, my parents live far enough away from the lake and the river that their house is okay. I know other surrounding cities are completely flooded and they're evacuating the entire town. This year has been one of the record books in regards to natural disasters......

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar!

Its the last of the original birthday marathon crew. Happy Birthday linds