Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awkward Social Situations

Ever had to experience these awkward situations? How about all in one day?!

As I'm walking down the stairs, someone is walking up the stairs. I look at them to say hello and right in front of me they trip over the stair and fall. What do you do?
First instinct - laugh uncontrollably.
Second - help the poor fellow up
Third (which is what I did) - stand there and say "oh my, are you alright?" to which he hops up quickly, says yes and runs the rest of the way up the stairs.

While I was talking to someone, they started to cough/choke on their drink and cannot talk. This goes on for what seems like 10 minutes. What do you do?
First instinct - laugh again b/c of the look on their face and how awkward it is that you're just standing there
Second - ask the poor girl if they need help.
Third (myself again) - just stand there looking at them. --- Basically its starting to seem that you do not want to be around me if you're ever in a life or death situation. I more than likely won't help you! :) j/k

I unfortunately walked through someone's fart cloud - What do you do?
All my instincts say "Run away as fast as you can before you die!!"

An awkward joke was told and I didn't get it, or rather, I did get it but it was so lame it wasn't even funny! What do you do?
I gave a little half laugh and said "that was really funny" while thinking in my head "moron"

A guy sits down next to me and wants to strike up a conversation when I'm clearly reading and not interested in talking to him today …. Or ever! What do you do?
I said hello and thankfully, someone else came to my rescue otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. Faked like I was going to throw up?

The button on my pants came off it's thread so then my pants are too loose. What do you do?
Sit down very carefully! That’s all you can do! Watch out for the crack show. Nobody likes that. Crack kills!

That same guy stops by my desk and wants to talk. What do you do?
I try to ignore him which doesn’t work so well so politely saying I have to DO WORK is all I can manage. (thanks rob and big)

Thankfully the day was over soon and I headed to the grocery store. To be continued….

Monday, March 03, 2008

Global warming? Does it exist? Decide for yourself...

Yesterday at about 230 I headed outside for a little walk. The temperature was 64 degrees and a bit humid. I loved it! By about 600, the rain clouds started to roll in and the temperature dropped, but only a little. By 900 there was freezing rain and sleet. At 1015 when I was headed to bed, I looked outside and there was a fresh blanket of SNOW on the street, in the driveway, covering my car, EVERYWHERE. And the temperature.... 24. So in a matter of about 6 or 7 hours, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. If its not global warming, maybe Armageddon? you decide!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Aww, friends. What would I do without them?

This is what you get when its too cold to go outside! You make your own fun with aprons, wooden cooking utensils, and a camera!