Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Joys of people watching

Have you ever been in a public place and you just find yourself just watching people?! Its something I really love to do, just sit and watch people. Awkward? no way, people watching is practically an art form! Not only do I love to people watch but I especially like to watch people in compromising situations. Lets take for instance, the escalator. (you're thinking to yourself, how is this compromising) Well, let me tell you. First off theres the entrance. You see people who walk confidently on to the escalator and ride smoothly up or down. Then there are those who are not quite sure which little square they want to stand on so they hesitate, thus throwing off the line forming behind them of future riders... always funny to watch.

The best, I must say, is the exit. You've got those people who take a decent step off to make sure all shoelaces and extremities are clear of the stair before it gets sucked down into the unknown; then theres those who ride it all the way to the end, again, slowing down those riders behind them which once again, is always funny to watch.

But today, I witnessed something that I'd never seen before. I watched a lady get on to the escalator and ride it smoothly down but as she neared the end, I could see the tension start to build. Do I go now, wait, no now, no.... Finally, she just leaped off it! And I'm not talking a small leap, this lady literally hurled herself off the escalator. If escalator exiting were an olympic sport, she would be in the top running for farthest jump. It was amazing. I burst out laughing and then quickly realized that I was that person walking in the mall who is laughing to themselves and people look at you all awkward. But today, I didnt care. I laughed all the way out the door.

btw. whats up with those kids who race up the down escalators? (oh wait, i was totally one of them!)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Beth Got Married!!!

The Borretts, how cute! Beth finally married Blake after what seemed like a fairly long courtship. I've never seen her happier than the day of her wedding. She was a beautiful bride and I'm so happy for her!

Thursday night was the bachelorette party which is always fun. We took the party van (aka Agrimson family vacation van) and Jenna being the sweetheart that she is opted to drive. We hit the town, Cedar Rapids that is, and pretty much brought the party to wherever we were. It was a blast. I loved having Teeda and Kmart in town as well. Crazy girls!

Friday morning we went and checked on the flowers, decorated the church, and ran some errands. Friday night was the rehearsal and the dinner at the Coe Alumni House. It was a beautiful little building with a garden out back. So pretty! After the dinner, we all went back to Beth's parents house to roast smores. YUM

Saturday, the big day. We all got our hair done and then headed to the church to get ready. Pictures, pictures, pictures..... but you know me, I love pictures. Then came time for the wedding and thankfully, I held it together as best as I could ( I only cried a little) Beth looks absolutely gorgeous and Blake looked oh so handsome. After the wedding, the LIMO! We took some more pictures and then headed to the Marriott for the dinner and then party time! I danced my little shoes off, it was such a blast.

Sunday was the brunch and gift opening at Beth's parents. From there we all said goodbye and went home to recover from the fun, exhausting, exciting weekend. In less than 1 month, I get to do it all over again for Teedas. YEAH!!

As it has been pointed out to me (many times) I'm the last one of the fab 4 to be married. Looks like my wedding will have to be over the top whenever that day comes.....!