Monday, October 30, 2006

I like to treat myself to a piece of chocolate everyday because that’s what makes me happy. Its amazing how much I look forward to that little morsel. It not only tastes good but it brightens up my workday. And then to top it off, Dove provides you with a promise message which I just get a kick out of. Some are a bit quirky and some I really feel you should apply to life. So, if you haven't already today, go have a piece a chocolate. (and if you have, enjoy another). I prefer Dark Chocolate.

Heres some of the Promise Messages I've come across.

Lose yourself in a moment
You know what? You look good in red
Do what feels right
Follow your instincts
Get your feet massaged
Learn Something from everyone you meet
Flirting is mandatory
Hey, why not?
Its definitely a bubble-bath day.
Make "someday" today (personal favorite)
Go to your special place
Be fearless
Don't think about it so much
Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses
Send a love letter this week
Wink at someone driving past today
Write a real letter, not just an email.
Go against the grain
Live your Dreams (another personal favorite)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just in case you were wondering what the best TV high schools are, MSNBC provided us with a list of the top 5!

Bayside High, "Saved By The Bell": Sure, your school probably had its charms. Your school may not have had a buffoon like Mr. Belding for a principal, and it might have had more than one hallway. But in all likelihood, it never struck oil out in the football field, leading to environmental disaster and enlightenment for everyone. Bayside was a place where students came and went as they pleased from the principal's office, teachers were about as aware of their surroundings as fish in a tank are of theirs, and the world of wacky schemes could be your oyster. What's not to like?
Kevin, Paul and Winnie from
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. High, "The Wonder Years": Kevin Arnold and friends didn't have many extravagances in school, but they had the one thing any school needs the most: an incredibly awkward gym teacher who also taught sex education. In the second episode ever, Kevin and Paul received a lecture from Coach Cutlip (the hilarious Robert Picardo) in which he illustrated female anatomy in a manner that calls to mind, as one of the students points out, the head of a cow. Add the fact that Ben Stein put in recurring appearances as another of Kevin's teachers, and it's clear that the education available to Kevin could save the world, if only more students could be exposed to it.
West Beverly High, "Beverly Hills, 90210": Start with the campus radio station. Don't forget to throw in the privileged, "well"-dressed student body, the apparent abundance of free time, and the constant outbreaks of scandal and intrigue. You may think your high-school experience was dramatic because a few breakups happened at the prom, but five minutes at West Beverly would convince you that your complement of madness was woefully inadequate. Why do you think Andrea Zuckerman faked up her residency so she could go there? Would your peers have thrown a "[Your Name] Graduates!" protest if your status was in jeopardy, as they did for Donna Martin? We thought not.
The Fame cast
New York City High School For The Performing Arts, "Fame": Is there even a question about this? They danced on the cafeteria tables. They danced in the hallways, they sang in the street � OK, it actually sounds pretty annoying, but at least everyone was working together. Besides, how great would it be if your friends included hot dancers, great singers, drama-laden actresses, and a comedian? Okay, that also sounds annoying. But the shows! They put on productions practically every week, so your parents would be able to come and watch you, and they'd bring the video camera and your grandparents and � OK, maybe this one isn't that great after all.
Hesseman holds court on
Millard Fillmore High School, "Head Of The Class": This school had an advantage that few others can claim, which is an almost pathological fear of its own nerds. It knew that really smart kids only need two things: isolation and monotony. They need to be put in a single classroom, where they will spend all day talking only to each other, sit in the same seats, have only one teacher, and rarely interact with anyone. Sure, teacher Charlie Moore (Howard Hesseman) tried to get them to take on a few activities, but for the most part, they kept to themselves. Smart kids off in their own society, just the way it should be.

heres some more to choose from as well:
Which TV school is your favorite?
Bayside High ("Saved By The Bell")Robert F. Kennedy Jr. High ("The Wonder Years")West Beverly High ("Beverly Hills, 90210")
High School For The Performing Arts ("Fame")Millard Fillmore High School ("Head Of The Class")Sunnydale High School ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
Buchanan High School ("Welcome Back Kotter")Springfield Elementary ("The Simpsons")Neptune High School ("Veronica Mars")
Degrassi Junior HighHarbor High School ("The O.C.")Eastland Academy for Girls ("Facts of Life")
McKinley High ("Freaks and Geeks")Winslow High ("Boston Public")Fillmore Junior High ("The Brady Bunch")
Westdale High School ("The Brady Bunch")Carver High ("The White Shadow")Walnut Grove's schoolhouse ("Little House on the Prairie")
None of these top my list

Monday, October 09, 2006

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk: Four Steps Every Woman Can Take For women age 35-54, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death -- it will affect 1 out of every 8 women in America. Here are four important things every woman can do to lower their risk and improve their overall health:
1) Self and Clinical Breast Exams: Starting at age 20, all women should perform monthly self-exams. For more helpful information about exams, symptoms and exam trackers, visit Breast Health Condition Center in your WebMD Personal Health Manager.
2) Good Nutrition: Healthy eating also may reduce your risk for breast cancer. Experts recommend at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.
3) Exercise: While exercise won't eliminate your risk for breast cancer, it may lower it. All you need is moderate (to the point of breaking a sweat) physical activity on a regular basis - for example, a brisk 30-minute walk.
4) Limit Alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages is linked to an increased risk for breast cancer. Women who consume 2 to 5 alcoholic beverages a day, have about 1.5 times the risk of women who drink no alcohol.
Overall, the good news is that breast cancer can be overcome. Treatment options are improving and survival rates are nearing 90% when detected early

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fall is right around the corner...

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, the moon was right at eyes level with the freeway. As I merged on to the road, I couldn't help but stare at the moon. The bright orange glow that seemed to dominate the sky was overwhelming. I almost felt as if I should pull off to the side of the road and take a picture. But then I would be late for work and try explaining that to your boss, "well you see, I pulled off the road to stare at the moon." Yeah right.
But as I drove further, the moon seemed to grow bigger and bigger and it almost felt as if my car was going to be swallowed up by the moon.
Its mornings like that when I really feel the Lords presence in His creation. Even though the moon is so far away, it felt so near because it was so huge and so present. You couldn't help but notice it, even if you weren't looking for it.
Fall is just around the corner and I actually think I'm excited for it. Mostly because of college football but I actually am awaiting the change of seasons. The leaves have already begun to change colors and have started to fall. The collection of fallen leaves on the ground can be seen in almost every yard and soon the smell of bonfires will overwhelm the neighborhood.
With the new season ahead, I challenge you to really stand back and take a look at everything and really enjoy it and it's Creator.

"A fallen leaf is like a summer's wave goodbye."
--ps. Go Hawkeyes!!! Beat Purdue!