Friday, September 30, 2005

My Future Job
Today I have determined that I would make a really great housewife! I also decided that if the housewife thing doesnt come soon enough, I'd be a really great nanny for a well-to-do family! So, any takers??

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ever sit and contemplate to yourself what you are going to do at the top of the hour? Well, I'm finding myself thinking that exact question at every passing hour. After reading my friend Rachel's blog about what she's got planned for her life, or rather, what she doesn't have planned, I feel like I'm in the same boat. I am constantly wondering where God will take me all while feeling bored at every passing hour. Why is it that when you're in school, you just want to graduate. When you do graduate, you just want to get a job. And then when you do have a job, most people want vacation from it. How many people would kill to have my life right now where all I do is, well, whatever I want! Its a crazy mixed up world we live in. I just pray that God will lead me in the right direction and I will find that place where I can finally say, "this is what I'm supposed to do." Until that time, well, boredom seems to be the reoccuring theme. Sp. as the clock chimes and I see the hands have reached 4:00, I think to myself, what would Oprah be doing right now? With that, I guess I'll just have to go find out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My brother Jon:
My brother Jon is quite the character. (He's my younger brother for those of you who may be confused with Jason, my older brother.) It's tough keeping us apart when everyones name in my family begins with a J. Anyways, Jon is, more or less, the typical younger brother. We are three years apart and I enjoy being the older one. I can fight with him, laugh with him, wrestle with him, talk with him, and fight with him some more. But that is what I love about it. We are so similar yet we are so different. It is amazing how two kids can come from the same parents and turn out the way that they do. (Lets not forget about Jason, he's another blog waiting to happen.) Nonetheless, we are an interesting family just waiting for our own reality television show. Growing up with Jon has been, as I choose my words carefully, interesting!

Let's explore some of our similarities. Jon and I share a great love for sports. We both have been involved in athletics since we could first take steps. Jon is somebody who people would say is a natural athlete. He's good at everything sport he does. Unlike myself, where I had to work hard to compete, Jon is naturally gifted. He accomplished a lot in high school, set many records, and was awarded various honors within many different sports. Jon currently plays basketball for Wartburg College where he is currently in his sophomore year.
Left: Jon's Senior Basketball Picture

Anybody who knows me can tell you that I love all kinds of music. I pretty much listen to anything, as long as it's good! I enjoy all types of music. Jon, who often refers to himself as a "gangsta" or "pimp," has always loved rap and hip-hop. I like to think of Jon as the white Ying Yang Twin (ask him to do his impression sometime.) I love hip-hop music and occasionally rap but sometimes the music that he listens to I'm like "Please, I wouldn't call this music. This is crap." And there we draw our first difference. Jon likes his rap way too much and refuses to see what I like in, say, Jason Mraz. I, on the other hand try to open myself up to new music and listen, but sometimes I just can't. Now comes the funniest part of all. Recently, my brother, the self proclaimed P.I.M.P. has found a new love in music.... COUNTRY!! When he came home one day and was playing country music on the computer, I about lost it. When I got into his car and all his radio stations were preset to country, I had to ask if this was really my brother I was sitting by! I specifically remember taking him to a Rascal Flatts concert and he hated it. Now he claims he was pretending! Ha! Anyways, I'm a fan of country music but I draw the line at artists like Toby Keith and Alan Jackson. Some country is just too country for me. So were I found myself discussing certain rap songs Jon liked as crap, I have now moved on to country saying "Are you kidding?! Who likes this stuff?" Oddly enough, my brother. Who knew! Above right: My brother and Brady "holdin it down in ATL, hot lanta!

Growing up, Jon was a big fan of the Ghostbusters. He had every Nerf toy related to the ghostbusters that you could think of. Actually, we had every nerf toy you could think of. Anyways, he loved to dress up in his Ghostbusters gear and fight ghosts. Not long after the ghostbuster phase came the Ninja Turtles phase. This kid had ninja turtles action figure, ninja turtle toys, books, ninja turtle marbles, nintendo games, movies, and even a ninja turtles costume. I believe his favorite was the orange one,"Mikey," as Jon used to say. Moreover, both of my brothers shared their passion for Ninja Turtles. Right: Jon with some of his ghostbuster gear.

The Karate Kid is one of the best movies of the 80's. I honestly can say that I've seen that movie more times than I can count. Why my mom allowd us to watch Karate Kid and not Bloodsport, I don't know, but my younger brother was addicted to Karate Kid. I happened to be a big fan of Footloose myself but we would only watch the opening credits to dance to the theme song and then we had to watch Karate Kid. "Danielson" was a common name spoke in the Trost household and my brother believed he was the true karate kid. He had these pajamas that resembled a karate costume. My brother truly believed he was a black belt karate master, even though his costume had a red belt! Either way, its a great memory that we all still laugh about today. Left: Jon, the next Karate Kid!

Jon has always been a big fan of North Carolina. I can't remember the exact time when he started cheering for the Tar Heels but its been a long time. Don't get me wrong, he's a big Hawkeye fan but for some reason, he loves North Carolina too. I think his fanatic attitude towards them has toned down a bit but he still cheers for the Tarheels. North Carolina apparel used the be the only type of clothing you would see him in. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, long sleeved t's, hats, stocking hats, winter jackets, etc. You name it, he probably had it. What drove him to such a fanatical state, I will never know. I guess you could say the same about me and my obsession with N'SYNC but we're not talking about me. Anyways, Jon has always been a true fan. He sticks with a team through the ups and downs. He's loyal and that is what I like about him.

My brother and I are a lot alike in our persistence, our aggressiveness, and our attitudes towards things. My parents, however, are quick to point out a few obvious differences. We often joke about our academic success, GPA's, etc. I was given the natural brains wherein, my brother must work at school and study a little bit harder. I guess if he got the natural athletic genes I had to get something!

Furthermore, there is so much I can say about my brother that I have not said. I could talk about his passions, his vim and vigor for life, his constant need to annoy me with quotes like "that's what I'm talkin bout" or "chunky," how he sings his favorite country songs, his willingness, his drive, his need to impress "the ladies," his work ethic, etc. etc. etc. I love my brother because even though we do have our differences, he will always be my brother. So, heres to you kid, KID!! Hollatchaboy!

Monday, September 26, 2005

What I Love...

I Love watching The OC and Laguna Beach with my old roommates, Adagio, Kanakuk Kamps, playing basketball with THE LIGHTNING!, living at 220 E. 9th Street, shopping, College Basketball, and a pickup game of stickball in my backyard! I love going out for ice cream, watching Andy Roddick serve, watching the IOWA HAWKEYES!!, going on long walks (especially on a beach), and driving with the top down! I love the Amazing Race, York peppermint patties, T-Bone's randomness, listening to oldies with my dad (and then impressing him by knowning who sings the song), cheering for the Cubs, eating cereal straight from the box, listening to someone play the guitar, lunch club crosswords and other word puzzle games. I love kickboxing class with Beth, taking road trips, going to concerts, freestyle walking, quoting Napoleon Dynamite, playing cards like Egyptian Rat with J.P. or Pounce with the clan, traveling, and a quick game of don’t touch the floor! I love JC, floating in the water, singing in the shower, Lindsay's stories, a great tennis shot, sipping margaritas by the pool, and watching sunsets. I love wearing jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops; reading an atlas, buying a new purse, taking pictures, watching Ryan Guettler and the BMX Dew Tour, discovering new music artists, jet skiing, making a list just so I can check things off, fun times at the OP, and playing in the snow. I love watching my little brother play basketball, laughing with my cousins, orange m&ms, riding rollercoasters, talking with my parents, Sarina Chen quotes, Christmas music, baking with Hayl, getting every puzzle right on Wheel of Fortune, dancing, and watching Gilmore Girls with Jane and Brooke. I love celebrating birthdays, visiting my older bro in Chicago, getting all dressed up, singing Amazing Grace as loud as I can, and praising the Lord! I love swinging on porch swings, giving back, oversized sweatshirts, cooking, backyard football teams, rocking chairs, live music, going for a bike ride, getting a compliment, and quoting the OC. I love being around funny people and making people laugh, staring at the stars, spending time with my kamp friends, dancing to Justin Timberlake, listening to music, coaching youth, and vacationing with my second family, the Griffith/Barnes clan. I love watching dolphins, seeing rainbows in the sky, reading a great book, watching a great movie, writing a great story, and laughing when things don’t turn out so great. I love Christmas shopping, boating out on the lake, grill outs and bonfires, a new pair of socks, body boarding in California, newborn babies, clean sheets and fresh laundry, and a brand new pair of shoes. I love knowing someone so well that silence is never awkward; I love seeing a smile on someone’s face and knowing they are truly happy. I love that the littlest things in the world can create the biggest happiness.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

RAIN rain go away, come again another day... Wait, do I really want rain to come again?! It has rained for the past 2 days making me rethink why I love rain. I've been confined to the indoors, which has even posed a little problem on my bank account.
Waking up in the morning and hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof leaves me to the decision of what should I do today. For the past 2 days, I have gone shopping only to spend money that I should be saving because, well you know, I'm unemployed! Anyways, the rain is cause for finding indoor activities which means being stuck in my house in the small town of Nashua, Iowa. That's not exactly what I would call fun. So, I decided that shopping would suffice. After countless hours spent in dressing rooms and walking around, my legs were not exactly up for the remainder of the stores I had left to enter. That led me to the decision of going to a movie. I'm a big fan of Rachel McAdams and I especially love scary, intense movies so I chose Red Eye as the movie to waste more of the day and give my legs a rest. It was a good movie but afterwards I found myself tired so I decided to drive home. End of day 1 of rain.
Day 2 of rain began pretty much the same as day 1. I woke up to the pitter patter of rain on the roof only to look out my window and see the trees whipping and leaves flying about. As I lay there, thoughts of more shopping and a movie came to mind. Following church, I headed back to the mall to finish what yesterday did not accomplish. After more countless hours moseying around the mall, I picked Flight Plan as the movie of choice. I thought "why not go see another movie about a crazy person on an airplane?" As I emerged from the theatre following the movie, the rain still had not cleared. As I'm walking to the car, I'm getting drenched with water and thinking to myself, this is the exact reason why people don't like rain.
The drive home is always time for reflection. The whole day I spent thinking about how much I disliked the rain because it disrupted daily schedules, brought on gloomy moods, and trapped people indoors. I thought to myself, because of the rain, I spent money that I should not have spent and bought clothes that I do not need. Because of the rain, I saw two movies that will forever make me question flying on an airplane. I realized that rain changed my mood about things as I stared out the window. To my amazement, across the cornfield outside my window was a full rainbow in the sky. I realized that I spent the past 2 days grumbling about the rain and after seeing that rainbow, I once again understood why I simply love the rain!

This quote is dedicated to the members of Adagio: "Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain!"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Have a Crush!

Now before you get all excited about the news, let me first tell you that he is 44 years old! Lets not jump to conclusions or be quick to judge but let me explain first. I have grown up with him. I do not remember the exact time that we were introduced but we instantly clicked. Never mind the age difference, we have so much in common. He's really into music which, if you know me at all, is probably the one thing that keeps me sane! Our love for music is the strongest bond that we share. He's a really big fan of football as well, he owns an arena football team! Even though he's not an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I think we can put that behind us. He loves kids,(he has 4 of his own), and more importantly, he lives to give back to people. He has done so much for people, helped so many, and has given back in ways that I will never be able to.
When I was growing up, we kind of lost touch, but when I got to college, our relationship was reconnected. I remember sitting in one of my roommates rooms, Brooke, and we were talking about music (as we often do.) His name came up and my eyes lit up. I was so excited that Brooke knew him and now I could talk about him whenever I wanted. However, little did she know what my true feelings for him were.
Another thing we have in common is that his name starts with a J also. Now, I'd say thats fate! Some of you are probably saying to yourself, "Jill, you are crazy. This man is 44 years old and has kids." Well let me tell you, he's even happily married but I don't care. Now before I tell you his name, I just want everybody to know that I'm not a person to break up relationships so you don't have to worry, I'm not going to do anything radical or extreme. It's just a simple crush. After all, I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who has a crush on Jon Bon Jovi! Who knows, I may just be livin on a prayer but I'm a big fan. He's a true rock icon and what can I say, I have a crush! ps. Have a Nice Day!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Today is a beautiful day.

Every passing day I'm finding it harder and harder to find joy in the simplest things. Lets take for example, sleeping in. What some people find to be the best thing ever, I find that I am wasting away much of my day. I used to enjoy the idea of sleeping in till 9 when I didn't have class. However, now that I've graduated, I have no class to go to and I find myself not wanting to sleep in. It's not like I am wasting the day away by sleeping in because I dont have anything I need to be doing during the day. With no job, I wake up thinking, what am I going to do today. Here are some of the ideas I've come up with in the past week: clean my room, which I've done probably 3 times (a day); pick up the mail; clean the house; watch Oprah; take a shower; clean out my closet, which there is only so many clothes I can get rid of; talk to people on the phone, most of which happen to be in school or at work so that idea usually fails; check my email; surf facebook; and go for a run or a walk. The latter is one that I usually find the most enjoyment in. The nice weather calms me down and helps me think. However, the thinking usually returns to what I should do when I get back to my house and the endless cycle of finding something to do continues.
While to some people unemployment may seem as a blessing, (the time off, the sleeping in, the having nothing to do...), I however am a person who likes to be active and do things. Being able to go for a walk during free time used to be a luxury. Now, I take it for granted because I can do it whenever I want. Nonetheless, todays walk got me thinking. I should thank the Lord for the blessings He has given me and stop obsessing over what to do. I should dedicate my time to Him for after all, He is the one who makes the beautiful days in which I enjoy walking in.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The OC Season 3

I can not be more excited than right now, well try in about an hour and a half when The Oc season 3 begins! The entire cast was on Ellen today and can I just say, they make me happy! Gee whiz what a show can do to you! Call me dumb, obsessed, whatever you want, that will never change the fact that I heart the OC. Now I'm off to go watch my favorite show with some of my favorite roommates who appreciate it just as much as I do! yeah for 220 east 9th girls!

Monday, September 05, 2005

First Blog of September

So being unemployed has its benefits. I live with my parents, am bored more times than not, and have all the time in the world to create blogs! haha! But for real, I have had time to hang out with people that, if I would've had a job, I would not have been able to see. For instance, last Thursday night, some friends from high school and I decided that we needed to catch up.

Above: Sheena, Jill, Nic, Cindy, & Craig. So, we went out to dinner at this Chinese restaurant in Waverly. It was a good time chatting but the food was a different story. Chinese and I don't usually mix, unless it's PF Changs, so I was a little leary anyways. The conversation was good, however, and that's really all I care about.
After dinner, we headed back to Nic's apartment to chill before we went out. We decided to play King's Cup, not the best thing to do after eating Chinese. Right: I had to have a make-shift bib because I kept spilling on myself.
Later that night we decided to venture out into downtown Waverly to see what locals we might run into. We chose the Poor House as our destination. There was some swing dancing, card playing, group sing-a-longs to some great classic tunes, a lot of laughing, and a lot of butt slapping. It was a great time being with old high school friends again. We don't get to see each other often and it was all made possible because of the fact that I am unemployed!
Above: Tough Stuff! Nic and I had lockers right next to each other all throughout Junior High and High School so we've been friends for a long time.
Right: Yessss! Craig getting excited after taking the lead in one of the card games.