Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Summer Weddings

My summer was filled with weddings. Besides Hayley and Michaels, there was
uddy's, Andrea's, Jade's, Annie's, Betsy's, and Laura's. And, theres still more to come. And I thought last summer was bad with all the weddings!

Right: Here is a picture of Matt, Betsy, and I at their reception. Betsy was my very first roommate in college at the good ole University of Northern Iowa. Go Panthers! Those were some good times! Anyways, the wedding was so beautiful!

Middle Right: Barnes and I are trying our best at swing dancing. Note to self, when swing dancing, do not wear flip flops! I had a great time catching up with old high school friends, dancing the night away, and laughing my head off!

Below Right: This is a picture of Nathan, Laura, and I. Lau
ra and I went to high school together and have known each other forever! Her wedding was so fun because there was so many people there from my high school. You see, Nathan and Laura had been dating since our junior year of high school. That's a long time!
Hey friends,
So blogs in the past have not been so great so I've created my new blog! Yeah for online diaries pretty much. Anyways, this summer has been one for the history books. With kamp at the beginning, my summer took off to a great start. Well, my birthday was first but then kamp. All I really want to do is show my pictures of my wonderful friends. They are so great and I miss you all so much.
First off, Work week was crazy. I had a lot of fun getting to know the new staff and hanging out with the vets. We did a little work and a whole lot of play! (I'm sure Jamie appreciates my wonderful trim painting of the white lines on the tennis courts!) One night we had a professional dancer from Legends in Concert, Amy, who came and taught us hip-hop. Lets just say who dressed to the nines and dropped it like it's hot! God blessed me by placing me in the Frozen Tundra with 3 wonderful ladies: Teeda "teeds" Suwannetr, Laura "t-bone" Murray, and Melissa "payne train" payne. We had the best time laughing our heads off and being UC's together. We were also fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest guys ever: Austin "austie pants" Sailsbury, Ty "ty baby" Sawyer, and Christopher "DJ Slim" Minor. We had more fun than you can even imagine. I could fall off my chair laughing just thinking about it now!
The kids this summer were great. I was given Barns 9-12 and it was a blast. God really draws me to that age level and I love it. We had some boy crazy girls, especially for Ben!! I got to share Christ with a lot of girls and took advantage of the time off Donna gave me by giving it to my counselors. (thanks Donna) Being a servant is not always easy and God really worked on me this summer.
24's were just fabulous. I got the awesome opportunity to be escorted to Kansas City by 4 wonderful gentlemen for a Royals game. We had such a blast and the car ride will be one that I never forget. Thanks Bryden.
I knew my term was coming to an end but I knew I couldn't say goodbye to K-Kountry forever. Leaving this summer after first term was definitely the hardest it has ever been...that's why I came back to visit, twice!

My two visits back to K-Kountry were so great. I just love being inside the barn doors. I loved watching the counselors with their kids, seeing Will's final K-life, being a "parent" on parents night following the Freemans around, and seeing my friends again. I got to come back and see my fearless leaders, Austin & Melissa, sit in the DJ booth with DJ Slim, rock on the porch with T-Bone, watch Bordas jump off the dock roof, and hang out with my best friend Jason. The Lord has definitely blessed me with some great friendships that I cannont imagine my life without these people. I don't like that we all live so far apart from eachother because I just want to hang out and talk. BUT, thats what telephones, AOL, and Kamp reunions are for. Although all three are great, I would prefer an actual visit though. The great state of IOWA is a welcoming one to visitors from all over!! :) So, with that, the offer is open! God is good and He is love!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Other Summer highlights, with pictures included!

I have so many great memories from this summer that I just wanted to post some of the pictures that I took. The first are from Kanakuk. What can I say, I can't get enough. Right: This is Merrill and I. This girl knew how to give a great hug but more importantly, this girl knew how to love the Lord! This party was a fun party too because Teeda and I got to shoot water guns at peoples faces.

picture below is from the NASCAR party. I don't know what was worse, all the mullets or seeing Brett Myles in those shorts! It was a fun party though. I always love the dance parties.

Right: Teeda and I were in charge of a road block and we realized that we forgot the cups for the "hidden treasure" at the end of the road. She ran back and grabbed all of them!

I have so many great pictures from this summer at kamp. Just ask me and I'll email them to
you if you want to see them.
Well, when I left kamp after first term, I went out to Chicago to visit my older brother. We had a great time d
oing what Chicagins do best, Taste of Chicago, touring the Aquarium and museums, cheering for the Cubs, and we even went to see the Broadway musical, The Lion King. Can I say amazing!

Like I said in a previous blog, I went back to kamp to visit twice. When I went to visit second term, my favorite family from Texas was there, the Freemans. I got the chance to follow Mitch and Dylan around like p
arents on parents night. It was fun to hear the counselors talk about them too (partly b/c Mitch had such great counselors!) Those kids are so awesome and their family is a great model of what a Christian family is supposed to be like. I loved seeing them. That was definitely a highlight for me.