Saturday, July 30, 2005

So Hayley and Michael finally got married!! I couldn't be more excited for two of my best friends. The entire week was great. I went down to Des Moines on Monday to help Hayley with all the last minute stuff. We made the programs, cut ribbon for the programs, filled M&M bags, wrapped the wedding party gifts, and ran errands here and there. It was really great to just hang out with slater before her last name changed. Thursday was Hayls bachelorette party. FUN TIMES had by all. At about noon we all went and laid out at the Des Moines country club. After we left the pool, we all got ready and headed to On the Border for dinner. After dinner, the fun began and we headed to the club Drink. Let it be known that I won the bachelorette game and got rid of all of my cards. As Hayley likes to quote me on, "if I think about something long enough, I'm going to do it!" We were there for longer than we expected because our drivers eh hem, left us!
Friday was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. It was great to s
ee everyone. Its so sad that we only get together now when somebody gets married. Everybody was there though and the crew was back together for a fun weekend. After the rehearsal, the dinner was at Nicks. Good times by Matt with the camera!
Saturday was the big day. Started out by getting our hair done in the AM, then off to the church to do makeup, get dressed, pictures,
and then chill. Finally, the wedding was here. Everybody smiled pretty, looked beautiful, and had a great time. The wedding was fabulous.
After the wedding, we jumped in the party bus and zipped around town. Well actually, the party bus forgot to show up so we all hitche
d rides to the Simmon's house for the gap party where the bus picked us up at. The bus took us to Glen Oaks where the reception was. We took more pics and hung out before the dinner. After the wonderful dinner, came the dance. Gee Whiz, it was a crazy dance. I had a lot of fun shakin it, along with Hayl's sister Brit who is carazay! Adagio even made an appearance and did a special spotlight numbers.
After the dance, we headed back to the Marriot and all yelled at each other because we couldn't decide what to do. Denny and Drew wanted to go out, Brandon wanted to partake in other things, and I really didn't care. Anyways, lets just say I didn't sleep very comfortably. (thanks denny & drew) ... love you guys!!
The next morning, we headed to Hayls moms for a brunch and Michael and Hayl opened presents. I helped them clean up and then figured I better hit the road. The wedding and everything that went along with it was fabulous. I had the best time and wish Hayl and Michael many blessings.