Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Our final day at Sea

Our final day at sea was spent at the pool, where else!? Before we knew it, we'd be back to snow and cold temperatures so we wanted to soak up every ounce of sun we could. The Royal Caribbean had 3 different pools to choose from and SO many lounge chairs but everyone was taking advantage of the last day on the boat. In the afternoon, we watched the FloRider Finals. Some people are amazing at that thing. I can't remember what night was 70's night but that was really fun too. The Village People made an appearance and mom even danced with the Native American.. who wasn't wearing much clothing. One of our friends we made on the boat took a picture so hopefully we can get a copy. Hilarious. Kris enjoyed a cupcake from the cupcake shop before retiring to our room for some wine to end the night. We sat on our balcony and bid farewell to the sea. It was a fantastic trip and we all had such a great time. We got to see so many different places and experience some really amazing things. I can't wait for the next trip.

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