Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ignite Chicago

Ignite Chicago!

This past weekend I was in Chicago for not only the John Mayer concert, but Ignite Chicago as well. It was an all day Christian music festival at a baseball field with tons of bands. The list of bands were:
John Rueben
Todd Agnew
Hawk Nelsen
David Crowder
Mercy Me
The Newsboys

It was a hot hot day but we made it through with lots of popsicles and water! One of my highlights was David Crowder. One of his band mates took a Guitar Hero guitar and actually made sound come out of it. I don't know what he did to it but he made it sound like a real electric guitar. It was geniously fantastic. Mercy Me and Newsboys were amazing too. During the Newsboys set, their drum was raised up on a platform and then it started to rotate. Then the platform tipped toward the crowd until it was at a 90 degree angle..... still spinning...... and the drummer was still drumming! All in all, it was a great day of music and worshipping the Lord!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I heart John Mayer

Click on the title to watch this fantastic video!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

John Mayer in Chicago!!

This is what John Mayer had to say about the show last night in Chicago. This was definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. John was amazing. Even though I was closer to the stage the last time I saw him, he was just unstoppable last night. I wish I had it on video but that wouldn't even compare to actually being there! Read what he had to say......

1 hour, 12 minutes post-show.


This has become more than just ticket sales and career advancement.

In fact, this has nothing to do with it.

These shows have transcended.

This is about making 20,000 people feel okay in the world.

Not alone.




To the magazines, blogs, entertainment shows, et al...

I say to you with my chest out and a big part of Chicago to stand behind me and back me up:

You may have my image, but you cannot take my sound.

Thank you Chicago.

With love for music...
and my band,

David Ryan Harris - Guitar/vocals
J.J. Johnson - Drums
Sean Hurley - Bass/Vocals
Tim Bradshaw - Keys
Brad Mason - Trumpet
Bob Reynolds - Saxaphone
Robbie McIntosh - Guitars/Vocals


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only in Missouri

We’re somewhere in Missouri, on our way home from Branson this past weekend and we stop to take a bathroom break. Mind you, no matter where you go in Missouri, you'll still be in the middle of nowhere! There's this obnoxiously looking yellow car that is pulling into the parking lot with all the windows rolled down and their music blaring. As I'm waiting out by the car, a loud intro to a song starts up from the yellow car. Its so loud, I'm pretty sure its making the ground shake (j/k but it was pretty loud). All of a sudden it hits me and I say out loud "OMG, that’s sounds like the Backstreet Boys song Everybody!" I start laughing b/c I haven't heard that song forever and this car is blaring it. To add a cherry on top of this lovely story, the car comes to a stop and this 40 year old biker dude gets out of the car, complete with the leather vest, bandana, and crazy looking mustache/beard!!! I about lost it! Only in Missouri do 40+ dudes still rock out to Backstreet Boys.

Good to know that when I'm 50, I can still blare Nsync over the car stereo and fit in! (if I lived in Missouri). Guess I'm not going to fit in b/c I'm a fan for life and I have no plans to move to MO!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Green is the new black

Seriously people..... RECYCLE!!! I'm finding myself getting very angry when I see people continually use paper products and then toss them in the trash. I'm almost filled with a hint of rage..... and I love it! Often times when I see people throw things away which I know can be recycled, I feel the urge to dig whatever it was out of the garbage and recycle it myself. (sometimes I do). Don't be disgusted, be thankful that I care enough to do it. I read in Time Magazine that if we cut back work days to 4 days a week instead of 5, we would save over like $400,000 on paper products alone. Think of all the garbage we're not wasting..... b/c I sure know my workplace doesn't recycle and its amazing the trash that we accumulate. One person recycling can't change the world, I know that, but I sure feel a whole lot better when I recycle. It's quite an easy concept really, you should try it.

Turn the light off when you leave your room. That's just common sense.
If you have to have a fan on when you sleep at night (I do) turn it to low instead of high... you save so much energy.
Run the dishwasher at night... and make sure its completely full!
After you take a shower, close the shower door or curtain to lock in the moisture.... not only does it keep the moisture in to require less air conditioning power, but it also requires less cleaning of the shower curtain/door. (bet you didn't know that)
Buy a Nalgene or reusable water bottle. I realized that by doing this, I save approximately $300 a year. cha-ching!
Run your laundry overnight.... saves on energy.
Watch your thermostat people..... you don't have to live in a frozen tundra... turn that air down!
Reduce..... Reuse ...... Recycle. I learned it in 2nd grade and I'm pretty sure you're smarter than a 2nd grader.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

The 4th if July is one of my favorite holidays.... especially when it happens to land on a Friday and we get an extra day to the weekend! How fabulous is that. This year, the weather was beautiful, the food was great, the fireworks were booming, and the festivities were fun. Hayley, Michael, Dave, Theo, and I drove up to Albert Lea to stay with the Petersens. We left bright and early Friday morning and were on the boat before noon. We spent pretty much the rest of the evening out on the boat, taking breaks only when necessary. A few of us skied, some gave wakeboarding a shot, we did a little tubing and some jetskiing as well. Theo even took a ride on the tube with mom and dad! He was so cute, a little apprehensive at first, but if I was 1, I'd be scared too! I love watching fireworks from the water, it reminds me of home...... Doug's parents were so wonderful, they really made us feel at home. They were such a blessing and I'm so grateful for their hospitality. All in all, it was a fantastic 4th (except for the references of being married to Dave)! I wish Janer would have been there.... we missed you buddy. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. What a great celebration for our country. I'm proud to be an American (go ahead, sing the song).